While January is traditionally the month of “resolutions” and getting healthy, we want to help you embrace wellness and be healthy year round. Staying healthy can be challenge sometimes, but we have some easy steps to help you achieve your health goals.

1.Listen to Your Hunger Cues


Learning to trust and listen to your hunger cues can be difficult if you are used to the “clean plate” club. Especially when there are 5 different types of hunger! Check out this blog to find out what the types of hunger are, and how you can start to listen to your hunger cues.

2. Keep Up With Your Expiration Dates


There is nothing worse than looking forward to eating something in your fridge, only to find that it has expired. And, what if your food smells and looks fine, but it is beyond the expiration date? Don’t worry, we have your answers here.

3. Find a Workout that Works for You

Our CEO Rebecca loves to paddle board during the warmer months!

Your workout shouldn’t be a form of punishment, but rather something that makes you feel good, and is a celebration of what your body can do! Don’t force yourself to run on the treadmill if you can’t stand it, try a group class instead. The key is to find a workout that works for you! And the nice thing is that you can workout anywhere, especially with these core exercises, kickboxing or total body workout.

4. Stay Hydrated

Photo Credit Kaitlin Williams MPH, RD, LD

Water makes up about 75% of our body, so it is important to make sure that your give enough of it to your body. This blogs give you plenty of tips to help you stay hydrated. Also check out these tips on sugar substitutes and drinking tea to help you stay hydrated!

5. Practice Moderation, Balance, Flexibility and Variety

5 Pillars of Healthy Eating

This tip is definitely easier said than done sometimes, and may take a little practice. Moderation, balance, flexibility and variety are all part of the pillars of healthy eating, and something that we work with our clients on!

6. Be A Savvy Shopper


Whether you enjoy going to the grocery store to get food, or dread it with every fiber of your being, you need to know what to look for! Here are some tips to help you shop like a registered dietitian.

7.  Don’t be Afraid of Meal Prepping or Meal Planning

Corn Zucchini Chowder

This is the biggest weapon in my arsenal of staying healthy. Write down what you are going to cook. And better yet, cook it ahead of time! Set yourself up for success. Trust me, I understanding coming home at the end of what seems like the longest day ever and not wanting to cook. Here are some tips to get you started with meal planning, and some recipes to try!

8.  Don’t Multitask While Eating


We have all been there. Eating at your desk during a working lunch. Chowing down on dinner in front of the TV. But, what if I told you that multitasking while eating is bad for your health? Read more here.

9. Stock your Kitchen  With the Right Tools For Success


A cook’s best tools are their hands. We totally agree. But! There are a few tools that can help you even the most novice cook become a kitchen pro. Here is my list of my top 10 things to put in your kitchen.

10. Don’t let your Pantry Be Bare


Keeping your pantry stocked with some essentials can make throwing together meals a breeze when you haven’t had time to meal prep. We have  recipes that you can make with staples!

11. Don’t Forget To Laugh


What does laughing have to do with being healthy? Well, nutrition and emotions are very tightly tied together for most people; you may notice this in yourself. Many times, when we are feeling overwhelmed with emotions or lacking self care, our nutrition becomes unbalanced and it’s difficult to reach nutrition goals. Spending time laughing is a form of self care! Here are our favorite videos that make us laugh!

12. Be Savvy When It Comes to Eating Out


Eating out doesn’t have to be as unhealthy as it seems. There are plenty of perks to eating out (convenience, time, getting to try something different), and there are ways that you can make it healthier! Check out these tips.

13. Be Mindful of Alcohol


Did you know that the recommended serving of alcohol for woman is 1 serving per day? And for men, 2 servings? Do you know how much is in a recommended serving of alcohol? We have your answers here! Alcohol can be enjoyed in moderation, but it is important to make sure you are aware of how much you are drinking.

14. Get Family and Friends Involved In Cooking

Asian cooking

You don’t have to be a slave to your kitchen. Get your family and friends involved in cooking! Here is how to get your family involved, especially the little ones.

15. Get Plenty of Sleep

Photo by Kaitlin Williams MPH RD, LD

Sleep is not something to be forgotten. A lot of people are surprised by how much sleep can impact your ability to reach your health goals. We have some helpful tips to get your to sleep better!

16. Ask for Help

Dana Magee


Make frequent appointments with your Registered Dietitian. Any change worth making takes time and practice. There will be unexpected road blocks that will pop up, but your dietitian can be your guide, cheerleader, and everything in between. Reaching out for support from others might be helpful.

We offer a REBEL support group on Sunday in our Annapolis office. Email dana@rbitzer.com for more information or to RSVP!

Or maybe you are interested in signing up for our meal planning program, email us for more information at admin@rbitzer.com.

Need help reaching your nutrition goals? We are here! Click here or call 301-474-2499 to make an appointment with one of our nutrition experts. 

Blog updated December 2019.

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