Digestive issues making you miserable? You need help from our Gut Health Dietitian

Not sure how a Gut Health Dietitian can help?  Since dietitians are food experts and have a TON of expertise in food.  Unfortunately, food can make you feel miserable when you are struggling with digestive issues.  Fortunately, since dietitians are the food experts, actually the best people to help you alleviate symptoms that are made worse by eating.  For more information on what to expect when you see a Registered Dietitian, take a look at this blog.

Now, for specific tips on how a digestive dietitian can help, read these tips below and also follow the gut health section of our website for more information and the most current blogs.

1. Dietary and lifestyle changes are essential in taking charge of your digestive conditions.

Diet plays a large role in almost all chronic conditions ranging from digestive issues to cardiovascular or liver disease. Consuming foods that are very nutritious such as apples, may even be contributing to your symptoms, as it is a high FODMAP Luckily, your registered dietitian can guide and support you through any dietary changes that need to be made. You may receive a one-page handout from one of your medical providers on a very complicated therapeutic diet. We are here to help you interpret what you can eat, and how to get meals on the table. Plus, diet changes do not come with the possible side effects that medications may bring!

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2. Trial and error is a key part of combating frustrating digestive symptom

Many digestive conditions can manifest in very similar ways in regard to symptoms. Figuring out the root cause and controlling these symptoms is essential. One diet change may work for one patient, where it does not help the other. We are all genetically different, and our microbiomes are also different. Differences like these can play a huge role in how we tolerate foods. Your dietitian can lead you through a personalized plan to decrease the trials and tribulations on the road to finding what helps you to feel better.


help from digestive dietitian

3. Do not lose hope with digestive issues! Here is more help from digestive dietitian Kathleen and Dana.

Digestive conditions combined with the fact that trial and error plays a role in combating symptoms can be very frustrating. This frustration can exacerbate symptoms and leave you with a sense of hopelessness. Do not lose hope! There is almost always another approach that can be taken when you feel like you are out of options. This is when dietitians play a pivotal role. Additional approaches are available such as food sensitivity testing, stool testing, and over the counter ailments such as digestive enzymes, probiotics, and more. We also offer a monthly support group for clients who suffer from IBS. Learn more about it here.

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Need individualized help with your digestive issues?

Our team of expert dietitians are here to help you with any food allergies or sensitivities you may have! Contact our office to schedule an appointment at 301-474-2499 or email admin@rbitzer.com.

Looking for group support help from our Gut Health Dietitian Kathleen?

We have group support, classes and workshops to help you!  Contact us for our new virtual support group.

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As a certified LEAP therapist, Dietitian Kathleen can help you solve your digestive difficulties with cutting edge research and state of the art protocols. Co-author of Cooking with Food Sensitivities Survival Guide.