Whether you are feeling stress related to work, family, finances, health, coronavirus, or simply want to take better care of yourself, this self-care challenge is for you! If you haven’t started our 30 Day Self Care Challenge yet, guess what? It is not too late to participate! Why not start today? Also, stick around to the end of this blog to find out how you can win our FREE book to make mealtime and nutrition easy.

During High Blood Pressure Awareness Month (May), we want to help you make your heart health a priority while practicing self-care!

You may be wondering what we consider self-care and how this ties into controlling your blood pressure. That is a great question. Self-care is so much more than face masks, bubble baths, and chocolate cake. Look below to see that self-care can be physical, social, and emotional.

These methods are the same recommendations given by Registered Dietitians and physicians for managing and preventing high blood pressure! Doing these practices can help you in the short and long term with your overall health and wellness.

But saying you’re going to commit to self-care for 30 days is much easier said than done. That is why we’re here! We’ll do it with you and lead you every step of the way. We’ve put together a FREE resource that has 3 goals for each week to help make self-care a little easier. This resource includes:

  • Printable checklist sent weekly
  • Small, attainable goals
  • Goals that fit into your busy life
  • Goals focused on a different theme each week

You’d be surprised what a difference a few small changes can make! Sign up below to receive our free resource and you’ll also be entered to WIN our book, Nourished!


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Self Care Challenge:


Week 1: What is self-care?

In short, self-care is the practice of taking action to improve your own health, happiness, and stress! This is easier said than done especially when you have a full-time job, kids, a long commute, and many other obligations.  However, trust us when we say even 15-30 minutes of self-care before or after your daily routine will have you feeling recharged and will help your heart!

Take a look at our blogs titled Ways to Practice Self Care at Work and How to Avoid Stress and Emotional Eating.



Week 2: Meal Planning/Grocery Shopping

Next, a great way to nourish and take care of yourself is by taking a little time to be intentional about your food and nutrition. Here are our favorite ways to practice self-care with meal planning and food shopping. Check out these blogs our dietitians have written about How to Successfully Plan and Shop for Meals and How to Grocery Shop Like a Pro!


Week 3: Easy Meals/Meal Prep

Now, that we have gone grocery shopping, it is time to get cooking! Take a look at these amazingly helpful blogs by our Registered Dietitians: How to Meal Prep for a Stress-Free Week and Ultimate Recipe Round-Up for Easy Meal Planning.


Week 4: Sleep and Hydration

Finally, we cannot forget about the importance of adequate sleep and hydration for good self-care. These are two of our favorite blogs on these topics: 5 Water Alternatives if you are bored with plain water and Natural Remedies to Sleep Better.

We hope you joined (and enjoyed) our challenge! In addition, we hope you are able to implement better self-care practices and keep them going in the future! Our dietitians are here to help you so please reach out to our team for support and individualized recommendations on how to practice better self-care and strive to be the healthiest version of yourself.


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