Did you participate in our 30 Day Self Care Challenge? Guess what, it is not too late to participate!  Here is an overview of our challenge and step-by-step ways for you to follow along and enjoy the personal challenge no matter when you start.  Why not start today?  Whether you are feeling work stress, family stress, financial stress, health concerns, coronavirus stress or simply want to take better care of yourself, this challenge is for you.

You may be wondering what we consider self care. That is a great question. Self care is so much more than face masks, bubble baths and chocolate cake.

Self care includes all types of care (physical, emotional, social):

  • safety
  • sleep
  • nutrition
  • hygiene
  • financial health
  • relationship health
  • self-acceptance
  • exercise
  • and so much more

We invite you to dive deeper into our self care challenge and let us know how you took care of yourself during the challenge.

Self Care Challenge:

Week 1 : What is self care?

Take a look at our blogs titled Ways to Practice Self Care at Work and How to Avoid Stress and Emotional Eating.

Week 2: Meal Planning/Grocery Shopping

Here are our favorite ways to help you nourish yourself and take better care of yourself with meal planning and food shopping.  Read these blogs: How to Successfully Plan and Shop for Meals and How to Grocery Shop Like a Pro.

self care challenge

Week 3: Easy Meals/Meal Prep

Now take a look at these amazingly helpful blogs: How to Meal Prep for a Stress Free Week and Ultimate Recipe Round Up for Easy Meal Planning.

how to meal prep

Week 4: Sleep and Hydration

We cannot forget about the importance of adequate sleep and hydration for good self care. These are two of our favorite blogs on these topics: 5 Water Alternatives if You are Bored with Plain Water and Natural Remedies to Sleep Better.


We hope you joined our challenge and got some self care inspiration! We hope you are able to implement better self care practices, and keep them going in the future! We are here to help you every day, so please reach out to our team for support and individualized recommendations on how we can help you practice better self care and ultimately be the healthiest version of you.




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