While summer may be winding down, it is important to remember that staying hydrated is essential year round! During the summer, we often lose water through sweat (which is our bodies natural way of keeping us cool). However, did you know that in the winter, we are more likely to experience cold diuresis? What is cold diuresis you may ask? Well, basically, it is the phenomenon where your body’s mean arterial pressure goes up when you are exposed to the cold. As your blood pressure rises, your kidneys will sense that your blood pressure is rising, and will excrete fluid to help stabilize your blood pressure. That fluid fills your bladder, and you now have the urge to go to the bathroom! Cool right?

Water and hydration is something that I talk a lot about with my clients, and I often hear that people either don’t like the taste of regular water, or they are just getting bored! So what can you do when you just need a little bit of a change from water? Check out some of the tips below!

Juice Spritzer


Jazz up some seltzer water by pouring in some cranberry or pomegranate juice. We recommend going with brands that are 100% juice, and stick to ¼-½ cup juice per serving! This would also make an excellent beverage to serve to friends and family at your next gathering. You can also just stick to plain seltzer water as well! 

Power Ice Cubes

power cubes water


This is particularly popular with my cancer patients. Blend up combinations of different fruits, vegetables and herbs to create natural flavoring for your water! Just freeze and add to water as desired. Some of our favorite combinations include:

Lemon Ginger= 1 peeled lemon + 1 TBSP honey + 1 in piece ginger + 1 ¼ cups water

Strawberry Beet= ½ cup strawberries + ½ cup cooked beets + 1 ¼ cups water

Orange Turmeric= 1 whole peeled orange + 1 in piece fresh turmeric + 1 ¼ cups water

Cucumber Mint (pictured above) = 1 cup cucumber + ¼ cup fresh mint leaves + 1 ¼ cups water

Unsweetened Tea

water tea

This is one of my favorite hacks when I want to switch up my hydration routine. I brew a large pot of tea, and cool it down in the fridge! You can even jazz up the tea by adding in different fruits and herbs if you want to mix it up! Remember, that caffeinated tea will act like a diuretic (they make you pee), so you want to minimize excessive amounts of caffeine, and try to incorporate more herbal teas.

Infused Water

infused water


This is one of my favorite things to do when entertaining! People are always so impressed with the infused water, and it takes no time at all! Slice up whatever fruits and herbs you desire, add to water and voila! The fruit and herbs flavor your water, and you can enjoy something unique without added sugar.

What are your favorite ways of staying hydrated? Let us know in the comments below! If you would like to make an appointment with one of our dietitians click here or call 301-474-2499.