“Setting yourself up for success” is something that I often hear myself and many of the other REBEL dietitians saying. Setting yourself up for success can mean having extra snacks/meals at work to eat in case you don’t have time to pack, planning in days to eat out, having breakfast each morning…etc.It’s important to make small changes each day that will bring you closer to your health and nutrition goals. We are here to support you in succeeding in meeting your goals by being there for you both in and outside of session. Below is a list of all the ways your REBEL Dietitian can support you!

  1. Come and see us!  We are located in Greenbelt, Columbia and Annapolis Maryland and we also offer virtual appointments making us just a phone call away.  Your journey is not sprint but a marathon, but unlike a marathon you do not need to run it alone.  Any change worth making, takes time and practice.  Such is life that there will be unexpected roadblocks that will pop up, but your dietitian can be your guide, accountability, sounding board, cheerleader and everything in between. Give yourself the gift of 2017 to make changes that will improve your health and happiness. Getting a year of practice with guidance from your REBEL Dietitian under your belt will give you the tools to feel confident in your eating at birthdays, holidays, on vacations, and through home and work life stressors.

    REBEL Dietitians Dana and Alex

  2. Attend our Support groups! Build a sense of community with like minded REBELs to share, learn and grow together led by REBEL Dietitian, Rebecca Bitzer Groups are held on Thursdays in our Greenbelt office. Email rebecca@rbitzer.com for more information or to let Rebecca know you are coming!

    Delicious Mason Jar Salads

  3. Work through your REBEL workbook.  The workbook is designed to be used on your own or along with your REBEL Dietitian.  Taking time to go through the activities in the workbook will help you identify your goals, areas to work on, and give you tools to improve your nutrition and nutrition behaviors.  The REBEL workbook is chock full of recipes and resources to help you succeed.

    Taste the Sweet Rebellion

  4. Check out our Mayhem to Mealtime service which sends you 5 recipes a week along with the recipes, a complete grocery list, videos on how to make the recipes, tips on how to prep for the week ahead and tips for substitutions based on preferences and side dishes for 8 weeks.  Mayhem to Mealtime comes to your email each Thursday in time for grocery shopping over the weekend.  All the recipes are quick, easy, healthy meals that appeal to kids and adults.

    Mayhem to Mealtime Recipes

  5. Make plans to attend our next REBEL Workshop! 

    Come to our Workshop on April 29th!

Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our dietitians and to find out more information about about our next workshop! Give us a call at 301-474-2499.

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