Crisis meets Opportunity

I stumbled across this blizzards blog post of mine written years ago during a snowstorm, it seems fitting to revisit this post during the COVID-19 pandemic. How has coronavirus impacted you both personally and professionally? In the past, blizzards spurred on productivity for me, the pandemic is different.  First of all, a blizzard is usually short-term especially in Maryland.  The pandemic has shifted to long-term so productivity has ebbed and flowed.

Here are some things that have inspired me during the pandemic.

Business Advisory Boards

Having to shelter in place have given me additional time to work “on” my private practice.  This including spending more time watching business webinars by local networking groups, and national Nutrition Entrepreneurs Practice Group.

In my business advisory  group, I was reminded of these three things:

  • “In every crisis there is opportunity”
  • Rise among uncertain times!
  • Strength and confidence come from taking action!


Mastermind Groups

My current mastermind group consists of seven amazing movers and shakers in the world of nutrition.  Each of us manage a team of professionals and there is nothing more valuable than to be able to learn from others who are also in the trenches as pioneers in private practice.  During the pandemic, we have been meeting twice as often to help us each get through the crisis and discover hidden opportunities a long the way. I love this quote

The highest, most important duty in this world is to help our fellow human beings


Visionary Art Museum

Prior to the pandemic, I was making regular trips to art museums for inspiration.  Here are some of my favorites from the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

I love this visual and quote from the Straight Jacket image:

“We all got through feeling absolutely trapped before we can truly break free.”

Sermet Aslan
Struggle with Self

opportunity during blizzard

And also this collection from the same museum titled:

Be aware of the past

Face your mistakes

Don’t blame others

Move forward to a better time

Believe and DREAM

dream during blizzard or pandemic



Former blog and inspiration from Blizzards written in 2016:

Snowstorms and blizzards bring out my creativity. Nothing better than having to be “hunkered” down to weather the storm without distractions to be able to remove oneself from the day to day work week and have the opportunity to develop something new. Sometimes these events are planned, other times they simply evolve and other times we have to resort to plan B. I thought it would be fun to look at what we have done over the last three significant storms.

Three Blizzards over the past 6 years “birthed” new website, new workbook and new food preparation videos

Dining Room Table

As you can see most of my creative processes happen at our dining room table! This table is my absolute favorite piece of furniture I have ever owned. When I am not creating on it, I am enjoying dinner on it.


In 2010, my husband and I re-launched this website. It has been updated many times since then but this is the first time we actually took ownership of the website and it was a huge, weeklong process.

Taste the Sweet Rebellion

Last year, in 2015, our team was planning to write our Taste the Sweet REBELLION workbook at my home. We moved the date up 2 days so that we could all be snowed in together. Once again, we are all at my dining room table. Nothing better than getting a room full of professional people together for brainstorming during a snowstorm (haha).

Preparing to shoot amazing videos during a crazy blizzard

blizzard Preparing to shoot amazing videos during a crazy snowstorm!

Lastly, this most recent blizzard, we are ready to start videoing our cooking in our home in Annapolis, on my favorite table!! Just waiting for our team to be able to travel here safely. Things don’t always go quite as planned but with a little effort, they always turn out great. Always stay safe in the snow everyone!

What has helped you through this most recent crisis?

I would love to hear what has helped you through this recent pandemic because it has been so incredibly widespread and long-lasting. If you are looking for more support and inspiration, email me for some more tips and hacks from Seven Steps to the Nutriton Counseling Practice of Your Dreams.

Welcome to the Rebelution

Our Welcome to the REBELution workbook

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While inside don’t forget to try new things like new recipes or a self care challenge!


Blog updated: May 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic

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