Why is body composition testing important?

Measuring body composition gives a more accurate indication of health than simply using a traditional scale. Health risks are associated with being both “over-fat” and with not having enough body fat.  Your registered dietitian can track your progress as you work on obtaining your health goals.

What can body composition tell me?

Our  Vacuumed BodyStat 1500 can give you a more complete evaluation of your potential health risks.  This state of the art body fat analysis machine measures your weight in pounds.

It also measures body composition which indicates 

body fat percentage, lean mass percentage, body water percentage.  

Also, the BodyStat measures Body Mass Index (BMI), your average calorie requirement and so much more!

body composition testing

If you are looking to change your lifestyle and improve health, get more accurate results to help tailor your nutrition plan. Breaking down body composition can help us see the whole picture of your starting point.  Instead of focusing on pounds which does not show the who story. So, instead of using the scale to measure progress by reducing total pounds; we want to work to support lean body mass and lean muscle mass to make you feel strong and healthy! 

Make an appointment with one of our registered dietitians  to have your body composition measured!

So how much does this testing cost?

Body Fat Testing:

3 tests spaced out to see progress, $50 for clients, $100 non- clients (meaning people who are not currently seeing one of our Registered Dietitians)

The scale does not measure body composition

Contact us to find out how you can make an appointment for your body composition testing at 301-474-2499 or email us at admin@rbitzer.com.


Page updated February 2016

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