Ready to cook with Jackfruit?

In this blog you will learn how to cook with jackfruit! Also, you will discover tips and tricks about this fun fruit.  

Also, this is a fun new cooking adventure for vegans and vegetarians.  Have you tried cooking with Jackfruit? Meat substitutes seem to be all the rage nowadays with trendy tasty videos all over social media. That’s exactly how I became aware of the this pho-meat!

Although this fruit can be eaten raw, it is especially delicious as a meat substitute. 

About Jackfruit

Did you know?

  • Unripened jackfruit has a meat like texture when cooked down, and also absorbs the flavor of whatever is added to it.
  • Jackfruit is grown in tropical regions and is able to withstand tropical climates, making it a great calorie source for those in developing countries.  
  • The one downside (or bright-side depending on what you need) is that jackfruit is not very nutritionally comparable to meat. It is actually higher in carbohydrates like other fruit, but is is an insufficient source of protein.

The next question might be, where the heck can I buy tJackfruit?

You can buy it fresh or by the can. (I find that the cans are much easier. I suggest rinsing the fruit with water reduce the sodium content.)

Also, most local “fancy” grocery stores like Whole Foods or Fresh Market will have them. You can also buy jackfruit at asian markets, and even some hispanic markets.

Beware: Uncooked jackfruit is pretty smelly!

Jackfruit is different than durian, although they look similar and are both very smelly fruits. So they are often confused.

However, if you’re looking for a fun new meat substitute recipe to try out, keep reading!

Does it really taste like meat?

I was inspired by the tasty video where they made jackfruit “pulled pork” and did a blind taste test around the office in which nobody could believe it wasn’t real meat! I decided to put it to the test and create my own with an additional avocado slaw.

Step-by-step cooking instructions:

Here is the visual cooking instructions, in three easy steps.  See complete recipe below.

The first step is to core, rinse, drain your canned jackfruit


Next, make your sauce!


The third step is to make your avocado slaw

Finally, put it all together and enjoy!


Not enough time to cook?

Additionally, you can try Jackfruit as a meat substitute with new prepared products like this one below.  Such a convenient alternative for vegans and vegetarians and others looking for more variety in their diet. So, if you don’t have time to cook, give this product line a try.  We found this at Wegman’s in Columbia, Maryland.


Check out this Jackfruit recipe that will be featured on the next Facebook Live episode coming up on 8/14/18 at 11am with Registered Dietitians  Klara and Kaitlin!

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Contributions to this blog by Rachael May, Dietetic Intern

Blog updated November 2019

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