A Diabetes Diagnosis can Lead to Many Questions

What exactly is diabetes management? How can I control my diabetes? Do I have to take medication? What can I eat?

Visiting with a Registered Dietitian (RD) is a great place to start when you are first diagnosed with diabetes. The dietitian can answer any questions you might have and can help make a plan with you to start living a healthier lifestyle. When you come to your first appointment for diabetes management with a Registered Dietitian, here is what you can expect:


History: The Registered Dietitian (RD) will gather information from you about your healthy history and past eating patterns. This will help the RD understand your current lifestyle to properly assist you in managing your disease. Once you and your dietitian get a better understanding of your unique lifestyle, diabetes management can begin.

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Health Status

Assessment of current health status: The RD will ask you about your current health situation. She will examine your eating habits, level of activity, stress levels, lab values, and other factors that may be affecting your health.

diabetes management is stressful

What is good management of diabetes?

Good management starts with good education of diabetes and nutrition.  What you eat will affect your blood sugar.

Diabetes Education

Explanation of diabetes: Many people know that they are diagnosed with this disease, but are not clear about what that really means. Your RD will explain in simple terms what it is and make sure you understand its causes and effects. When you fully understand what diabetes is, it becomes much easier to see why certain lifestyle changes are necessary.

glucometer for diabetes management

Diabetes management is key.

Nutrition Counseling

Counseling: The RD will guide you in making lifestyle changes to help manage your blood sugar levels. Your dietitian will work with you to make small, life-long changes to improve your health over time.

Nutrition education will help you manage your blood sugars.

More on diabetes management.

You will learn about proteins, carbohydrates, and fats and how each of these foods affects your blood sugar.

You will receive tips on meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation for diabetes management.

If you need help learning how to monitor your blood sugar, your RD will be able to show you how to properly use a glucometer. We also offer complimentary glucometers for our patients so that they can easily check their blood sugar levels at home.

glucometer for diabetes management

A Registered Dietitian is a great person to have by your side when dealing with diabetes. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been struggling for a while, our dietitians will help you improve your health.

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We provide advice for managing your blood sugar levels with realistic goals that are customized to your lifestyle needs. Learn to love food while managing your health and diabetes at the same time!  Contact us for more information.


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