What is digestive health? Healthy Gastrointestinal Bacteria, is there such a thing? Can it help you lose weight? There is so much to be discovered about the relationship between gastrointestinal bacteria, health, weight loss, and overall quality of life. This has been a hot topic lately in the nutrition and health world, especially since new evidence is showing how important it is to have a healthy gut flora with good bacteria in your digestive tract.

gastrointestinal bacteria

Since this topic is new to me, I decided to read the book, The Gut Balance Revolution, by Dr. Gerard E. Mullin. This book explains current research about how the health of the gut flora can contribute to weight. I enjoyed this book a lot because Dr. Mullin speaks of his own experiences with restoring his gut balance. This book includes healthy eating tips, recipes, information about self-care, and how all of this is related to gut health.

Gastrointestinal Bacteria

My eyes have been open to the importance of having a healthy balance in your gastrointestinal (GI tract) also known as your gut. Here is what I have learned through my research:

  • The average person may have just under 5 pounds of healthy gut bacteria: just one more reason to keep it healthy!
  • Gut bacteria can actually produce Vitamin K and certain B vitamins
  • Having a healthy gastrointestinal tract (gut) plays a role in a healthy immune system
  • Gut microbiomes may play a role in obesity. More studies must be done to take a closer look at this relationship and how to manage the gut.
  • More studies are also being done about the relationship between gut health, anxiety and depression.

As you can see, the health of the gastrointestinal flora may be more important than we had originally thought. Of course, there is much more information to uncover, so I am looking forward to reading more studies! I will keep you all posted to the new information discovered.

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By Amaris Galik

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Blog updated December 2019.

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