The holidays tend to be a very busy time for many people—food, vacations, shopping, cooking, crafting, decorating, cleaning, prepping for family to come. No wonder why people use the phrase “surviving the holidays!”


REBEL diets


1. Eat those Christmas cookies… Mindfully: Many people dislike the thought of being surrounded by Christmas cookies/desserts. You may tell yourself, “I will NOT eat these this season!”

You may then find yourself overeating these cookies on Christmas day or dreaming about them. Instead of avoiding these cookies completely… REBEL by not putting the cookies/desserts off limits.

Have a cookie (or two) every so often and truly enjoy it. Shut down all distractions and really focus on how the cookie taste, smells and feels in your mouth.

Christmas cookies are so fun to decorate!

What’s better than a Christmas cookie?

No Food Police

2. Talk back to the food police (nicely, of course): One of the things I personally struggle with during the holiday season is saying “no” to food.

The food my Nonna and the rest of my Italian family cooks is delicious, and they are always trying to feed it to me! I usually have to remember that it is okay to politely say, “You know, I’m actually not too hungry right now, I think I will pass.”—I can take leftovers and it will be there tomorrow.

On the other hand, it is okay to eat more food if you want to enjoy it! If people are questioning your decision, you can tell them, “I am really enjoy this [insert food here]! I am going to have some more. Everything is okay in moderation!”

Christmas dinner does not have to be a battle ground

Dinner does not have to be a battle ground


3. Self-Care: It wouldn’t be a REBEL blog if I didn’t talk about self-care! Sure, the holiday season is the time of giving… but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to give to yourself! Because of all the stress surrounding this time, it will be more critical than ever to make time for yourself, at least once a week.

Many people do not do this and may be feeling run down and tired. Give yourself permission to say “no” to some holiday tasks and activities if you just aren’t feeling up to it.

Keep a self care journal this season

Keep a self care journal this season


4. Let go of “perfect: Let’s be real, there is no such thing of perfect! I am still working on letting go of this idea.

If you are the one who is hosting a holiday dinner in your family, work on accepting that what you have to offer is 100% enough.

Positive body image is key!

Perfection is NOT freeing


5. Spend less time worrying, and more time enjoying: The true meaning of the holidays (in my opinion at least) is to spend more time with family and friends… just enjoying the company of people around you.

What are things you can do this holiday season to get closer to the people in your life? Maybe it’s calling a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Maybe it’s watching a movie with the family.

Maybe it’s doing an activity on your self-care list. Maybe it’s going caroling at a local hospital.

Making Latkes

Remember to enjoy your time with family


What are some ways you think you can REBEL this season? Interested in learning more about being a REBEL and the non-dieting approach, contact us today about our nutrition programs. We are here to help.

-Blog reviewed and updated by Rebecca Bitzer MS RD LD September 16 2021

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