If you’re anything like me, you understand that your relationship with Thanksgiving is love/hate. It’s a holiday that revolves around food, family, food, shopping and food. My immediate thoughts waking up on Thanksgiving morning are turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, rolls, cranberry sauce and green bean casserole (Mmmmm….green bean casserole). Yes, they are lovely thoughts, but can be intimidating when I’ve worked hard all month to stay on track. I want to be like butter and stay on that roll!

For those that find themselves in the same predicament, I bet you’re hopeful for some tips on how to keep from gaining that weight back. I can do better than that – here are some tips on how to continue losing weight on Thanksgiving Day!

1. Start your day off with an early-morning Run/Walk.

Thanksgiving Day half-marathons, 10K’s and 5K’s have become a huge trend with the rise of the health-conscious population. These “turkey trots” take place all over the United States and are hosts to thousands of participants. It’s a wonderful idea to participate in a run/walk on a day that revolves around this extraordinary holiday! Even if you aren’t able to attend a formal event, a morning run/walk around the neighborhood can be a relaxing way to start off your Thanksgiving morning.


2. Enjoy an outdoor activity with family and friends.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and all the warm colors it has to offer by spending much of the day outdoors. Bring the kids to the local park, join your Dad and Grandfather for a round of golf, go with family and friends to a football game, or, better yet, have your own football game in the backyard! Try your best to stay off the lazy-boy in front of the TV after your Thanksgiving meal. It’s best to stay moving on a day when your stomach is going to be full.


3. Don’t skip breakfast!

Many people think it’s a good idea to skip breakfast on Thanksgiving to save room for the big meal. This is not a good idea. Skipping breakfast slows your metabolism AND leads to over-eating. Think of breakfast as your metabolism kick-starter. It prepares your body for intake, which is especially necessary on Thanksgiving Day. It also decreases your desire to eat more than your stomach can comfortably hold since you won’t be as hungry!

Don't forget to eat a balanced breakfast on Thanksgiving morning! Be sure to pair a carb, some protein and a piece of fruit for a breakfast that will give you plenty of energy while preparing your Thanksgiving meal!

4. Eat your Thanksgiving meal earlier in the day.

The earlier you eat your Thanksgiving meal, the better. Studies show that metabolism is slowed while resting and digesting food when you eat later in the day. You’ll sleep better too, which will come in hand when you are racing through stores on Black Friday!

You can enjoy your Thanksgiving meal! Just dont forget the veggies!

5. Enjoy a slice of pie for dessert!

Because let’s be real, what’s Thanksgiving without a slice of warm pumpkin pie with whipped cream?? Be conscious about the size of the slice. Wait some time after your meal too – at least an hour or two – to avoid the feeling of overkill.


What is your favorite REBELious Thanksgiving tip? Let us know! 

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Check out this great infographic for more Thanksgiving Tips!


Contributions by Doug Kerr, Nutrition Intern.