Enchiladas may be your go to when ordering Mexican food at a restaurant, but we can teach you how to make enchiladas at home! I think it’s time to move on from #TacoTuesday to #EnchiladasEveryDay! But seriously, this recipe comes together so quickly, and makes enough food that it’s potluck-worthy (or you can keep it all to yourself and have some serious leftovers for the rest of the week!)

Let’s be real, life gets hectic, and especially when we come home after a long day of work, classes or running errands, we want to eat something for dinner that can both be made quickly and that satisfies our taste buds.  If you find yourself craving some Mexican food one evening in the near future, instead of picking up the phone to order takeout, try making your own enchiladas at home!  The versatility of these is part of what makes them fantastic.  Most of the ingredients I bet you already have in your pantry – don’t have ground beef?  Use chicken or turkey!  That dusty can of beans in the back of the shelf?  Now is the perfect time to use them!

How to make Enchiladas

First pick a protein:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Pork
  • Black beans or pinto beans

enchiladas prep

Next pick a sauce:

  • Green sauce is mixture of green tomatillos and green chilies. Taste is slightly herbal and fruity
  • Red sauce made from red chilies
  • Both sauces can range from mild to hot!

enchilada sauce

Bonus: prep ahead!

  • Enchiladas are freezer friendly as long as stored properly.  Make it even easier on yourself and put them in a container that you can throw right into the oven when you are ready for them!

enchiladas prep



Check out this Beef Enchiladas recipe that will be featured on the next Facebook Live episode coming up on 4/16/19 at 11am with Registered Dietitians Klara and Kaitlin!

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Blog contributions by Paige Moran, dietetic intern.

Blog updated December 2019.

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