Lets talk about how yoga teaches self care!

I started practicing yoga in high school but really fell in love with it about a year ago. I have heard from many people that they haven’t tried yoga because they do not feel it is a “good workout”. But yoga is a wonderful workout! It works every part of your body and focuses on building your core muscles but also combines many stretches to help lengthen your muscles.

yoga teaches self-care

Yoga teaches self-care

Yoga has also taught me a lot about self-care this past year. It is so important to slow down in our daily routines, and I have found that yoga really helps me relax and be grounded. Yoga teaches you to focus on your breath, something we don’t normally do in our busy lives. One thing I love about practicing yoga is that there are NO judgments from teachers or fellow yogis. Yoga is not a competitive sport so there is no comparing yourself to others during the class, which is something we should all learn to do in our daily lives.

More benefits of yoga:

Yoga can be inexpensive as well! There are many DVDs or free videos online you can use. You are also able to do yoga anywhere!

I challenge you to try a short yoga video for just 15 minutes! See how it goes and maybe you’ll love it too!

Our team took Caitlin up on her challenge on international yoga day. Here are photos of us in action.

Yoga in our nutrition counseling office

yoga teaches self-care

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yoga teaches self-care


Do you also believe yoga teaches self-care? Let us know! 

We often host yoga and other self-care groups and classes, contact us for more information.

Blog updated December 2019.

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