The National Organization for Women (NOW) Foundation is hosting Love Your Body Day on October 18th! Love your body is an annual day and its purpose is to challenge the idea that a woman’s worth is anchored in her physical appearance. NOW is an organization that supports women locally and globally, towards the goal of complete equality and respect. Find out more about their organization here!

In this blog, we wanted to tell you that your body deserves to be loved. The beauty and fashion industry advertize that a woman’s beauty is the only thing that is interesting or important about her. But we know this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Love Your Body Day is a movement to help inspire girls and woman to appreciate how much their body does for them, without thinking about appearances. You can participate in Love Your Body Day online on social media, attend events at college campuses, or start a group among close friends and celebrate together.

Reasons To Love Your Body

Your Eyes

Your eyes process an enormous about of information every second! They allow you to see millions of different colors, the faces of your friends and family, and old photos when you stroll down memory lane.

Your Nose

Your nose helps make up the picture of you! It can also remember 50,000 different scents! It helps you recognize when a food is safe, or when maybe it’s spoiled. And, without your sense of smell, you wouldn’t be able to taste your food!

Your Arms

Your arms are strong and give the best bear hugs. They help you play sports, carry things, and hold open doors for strangers.

Your Stomach

Your stomach helps digest your food so that you can absorb the vitamins and minerals to nourish your body.

Your Thighs

It takes over 100 muscles to take 1 step! Your legs work so hard for you.

Your Booty

Your glute muscles are the strongest muscle in your body. They help you walk, run, jump, and sit comfortably.

Your Skin

Your skin helps protect you from changes in temperature, chemicals and harmful effects of sunlight.

How Can You Love Your Body?

The most important thing you can do to love your body is to respect it. Acknowledge all the things that your body does for you, it is so much more than just the way you look.

Try making a list of all the things your body does for you. For example, your body lets you learn things, play sports, and walk in the park. Think of your body as an instrument, not an ornament. You can also practice loving your body every day by reciting 10 positive things about yourself, without mentioning appearance.

Respecting your body also means eating when you feel hungry, and resting when you feel tired. Search out for support in others who also believe in loving their whole body. Also, try to incorporate at least one self-care activity per week into your schedule.


Many clients we see in our offices share with us that they don’t love themselves, especially their bodies. This is one of the reasons we have additional training to help our clients focus on self-love, self-care, self-acceptance which are key elements to having a healthy relationship with food.

What do you do to promote a positive body image? Let us know on social media! 


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