How can Klara Knezevic help you?

Klara Knezevic, RD, LD is our dietitian who specializes in weight management, diabetes, heart health, meal planning, oncology, pediatrics, and PCOS. She loves helping her clients reach their nutrition goals in a healthy way through mindful and intuitive eating. Klara is also a member of the Empowered Eating team, helping clients who struggle with eating disorders and disordered eating develop a more healthful relationship with food.

Being a foodie herself, Klara knows that food plays a big role in our lives, but it shouldn’t stand in the way of what really matters. She believes we need to REBEL against the diet industry, and strives to help her clients have a healthy relationship with food and with themselves.

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As an author for our blog, Klara has written many blogs for our clients:


Here is what Klara’s clients are saying about working with her!


“I cannot speak highly enough of Klara, she immediately made me feel at ease during my first appointment. I am really feeling safe working with her knowing that she is also in touch with my other doctors. I think that the group of employees you have put together is so kind and helpful, and I look forward to continuing my work with Klara.”


“My experience with Klara so far has been wonderful. She is an amazing mix of cheerleader, confidante and advisor. And always extremely professional with really helpful and practical advice. I’m hoping I continue to make progress with her help.”


“My first appointment was extremely informative. I have noticed a significant improvement in how I feel daily.”


“The appointment went very well with Klara.  She had given me a lot of great information about portion control (using your hand), the log to track my eating, and carb counting for diabetes. I look forward to the next visit!”
“The appointment went very well, and I received a lot of knowledge that I have put into place.  I am hoping for a good outcome from the new information.”


“Klara is wonderful. She was very informative and a very good listener. I really appreciate all her ideas and am excited to see how I can incorporate them into my life to better my health.”

If you are interested in meeting with Klara, please click here or call (301) 474-2499 to set up an appointment today! Klara sees clients in our Columbia, Greenbelt and Rockville, MD offices.

Blog updated December 2019

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