Recently, I decided to do the Nutrigenomix test, a genetic test that looks at specific genes to see how our bodies digest, utilize, and react to what we consume in our diet (vitamins/minerals, saturated fat, sodium, sugar, gluten/lactose, exercise, etc). The test provides a lot of information, but luckily, I had 2 RBA dietitians to interpret and explain the results to me. And I gained a wealth of knowledge.

Here are the three main things I learned from this Nutrigenomix testing:

1. Just because your genes say something, it is not necessarily true

Nutrigenomix Food Intolerance

Your genes can only tell you so much about your body’s response to foods. There are so many underlying factors that affect this, such as environment and stress. My food intolerance results are a prime example of this. I am intolerant to both gluten and dairy, but my genes say I am at a low risk for gluten intolerance and a slight risk for dairy intolerance! 

2. Weight isn’t everything

Nutrigenomix CardioMetabolic Health

My Nutrigenomix results indicated that I am at low risk for having a high BMI in the future. However, based on my genes, I am at higher risk for developing heart disease! This is why it is so important to look at healthy beyond just a number on a scale. We have been taught that if you look healthy on the outside, you are healthy on the inside. Being healthy is not about a number on a scale, but how you feel and what you eat!

3. Genes can impact exercise

Nutrigenomix Fitness

Ever since I was young, sports and other physical activities have always come easy to me. Based on my gene results, I learned that I am more genetically disposed to excelling at sports! However, having this genetic advantage is useless unless you enjoy what you’re doing. Your genes don’t define your exercise habits, which is why it’s so important to find exercise that you truly enjoy! Whether it be walking, hiking, playing tennis, riding a bike, swimming and many more, if you enjoy it, you’re more likely to do it.

Benefits of Nutrigenomix testing

Getting my genes tested was extremely interesting and educational. They gave me some answers, while also showing that my genes don’t define me, and I have the opportunity to use this information to my advantage. I am able to use these results to change my diet, which will only increase my longevity, but my quality of life as well!

Do you want to learn more about how your genes can impact your health? Make an appointment with our dietitian by calling 301-474-2499 or click here


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