Here are our Four Favorite Methods to help you meet your nutrition goals.

Methods is a better approach than rules.  Take a look at these method and see which one you would like to try first.

1. MyPlate Method-

My plate has replaced the food guide pyramid and is an excellent tool for meal planning. It contains all of the components of a balanced meal. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you include at least 8 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated
  • It is important to include healthy fats in your diet
  • Fitness and motion are important to leading a healthy lifestyle
  • For a successful relationship with food it is important to work it into your schedule, include your friends and family, and to make it fun and enjoyable!

My Plate Methods

2. Reading Food Labels Method-

With so many different components of food labels, it’s hard to decide what is important! Here are some tips:

  • Note the amount of the product that is in one serving and how many servings are in each container
  • Calories are not always the best indicator of the quality of the food!
  • Limit foods with high saturated fat and look for 0 trans fat
  • For sodium (<5% is low, >20% is high for the daily value)
  • Look for 3-4 grams of fiber or more
  • When choosing grains, look for whole grain foods. The first ingredient listed should be 100% whole wheat flour. Remember that white breads can be whole grain and brown breads can be refined

nutrition label healthy eating


3. Be Mindful Method especially about eating out-

Eating out can be very difficult when trying to loose weight or make a lifestyle change. Here are some tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your meals out while staying on track.

  • Try not to label foods as “good” or “bad.” All foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle in moderation
  • Remember the main themes of eating healthy: Flexibility, Balance, Variety, Moderation, Enjoyment, and Nutrition.
  • Plan ahead and have meals prepared in advance in order to avoid grabbing fast food in a pinch
  • Remember the MyPlate model when choosing from the menu. For example, if you want a burger, order a side salad and a piece of fruit to make sure half of your plate still consists of vegetables and fruits
  • Use eating out as a time to spend with friends and family. Do not distract yourself by eating while driving; slow down, have some water, and enjoy yourself

oysters eating out healthy

4. Keep a food log Method-

Recording what you eat and drink in a day is important to making sure you are getting all of the necessary nutrients you need every week. Follow these tips to make the most of your food log:

  • Try eating 6 small meals everyday instead of the regular 3
  • Remember that not every day is going to be perfect, look at the week on average instead
  • Take note of trends such as when you skip meals and when you eat out
  • Try noting  how hungry you feel, where you ate them, and how full after
  • You could even use the MyPlate model for your food log!

food log Methods

Our newest Method:

For a more in-depth look at methods, tips and hacks for healthy eating, take a look at our new book.

Nourished: 10 Ingredients for Happy, Healthy Eating

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Dana uses her advanced training in functional nutrition and food sensitivities to help her clients love and trust food again as they heal from years of painful symptoms that have dominated their lives. Co-author of Nourished: 10 Ingredients to Happy, Healthy Eating and Cooking with Food Sensitivities Survival Guide.

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