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Food is not only used to fuel our bodies and satisfy our hunger, but it is also used to celebrate successes, comfort us during sad times, entertain us while bored… the list goes on.

Sometimes when we eat while we are emotional, we don’t make the right choices and our portion sizes and hunger/full signals can become a little distorted.  How can you better listen to your body and improve your relationship with food? Follow these steps:

1)      Think about why you are feeling hungry. Take a few seconds and check in with your mind and your stomach. Are you bored? Are you happy? Are you stressed? Is your stomach rumbling out of hunger or is it digesting?

2)      Decide if food is what your body really needs. Do this by assessing your hunger. Rate your hunger on a scale from 1-10. 1 being REALLY hungry and 10 Overly stuffed.  Note—you want to land more toward the middle of the scale, within the 5-7 range.

3)      If you are on the upper end of the scale, maybe your body needs something else instead of food. If you are happy, try calling friends and family to share the news. Stressed? Go for a walk. Bored? Research a new hobby!

4)      If you decide you are in the mood for a snack, that’s fine too! The next step is to figure out what will truly satisfy your hunger.  Here are some questions to ask

  1. Do you want something hot or cold? Sweet or savory? Crunchy or smooth?

5)      Once you decide what snack you want, eat it mindfully! Take a seat at the table without any distractions and really enjoy the smell, taste, and texture of the foods.

Remember, REBELing against diets means listening to your body’s signals and using your favorite method of relaxation, whether that is reading a book or watching TV, in order to release some stress from the day. Talk to our REBEL RDs if you want more information about mindful eating! Call us at 301-474-2499 or contact us here for more information.

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