REBEL Support Recap: Finding the Fun in Exercise

By Dana Magee

We had another successful REBEL support group last week titled “finding the fun in exercise.” This support group was unique because we all participated in a salsa lesson!

Progress not perfection

There are many common themes affecting our clients in both nutrition and exercise.  One of them is the concept of “all or nothing thinking”.  This type of thinking is responsible for a string of 4 days in which every meal is planned and portioned then the next day breakfast is skipped leading to overeating at lunch with a side of guilt and we might as well write the day/week/weight loss attempt off and keep it going in that direction until we “start” again. The same can be applied to exercise.

If you can’t get to the gym for an hour that day, 5/10/15 minutes is great and helps keep the routine and form the habit.  One day away from the gym isn’t going to mess up your weight loss plan so get back in there the next day!  Even if only for a few minutes it will allow you to clear your mind, have some you time, and get your heart pumping.  The more we can fall into the “gray area” with both nutrition and exercise the more balanced and stress free our days will be.

Another common eating practice is to constantly add up how many calories we are consuming which can lead to stress surrounding food and decreased enjoyment in eating/preparing meals.  The same can be applied to exercise when thinking how many calories you are burning during a workout.  So during our meeting we focused on stress relief, the social interaction, and inevitably the laughs from some of our staff salsa-ing instead of thinking of this as burned off lunch.

Have you tried dance?

Our instructor, Barbara Bernstein, who has been teaching dance for 12 years, came to us from Dance In Time Productions.  Their company teaches Cuban Salsa and other Latin dances around the DC/Baltimore area.  Among other classes, Barb runs a “Salsa for Athletes” training program that uses Salsa steps to enhance athletic performance.   For more info, contact Barb Bernstein any time at 301-980-6043 or visit

Dance in Time Salsa

Salsa may not be your thing and that’s ok. It is important to find something that you enjoy and gets you moving whether that be zumba, yoga, hiking, walking, biking, swimming, jogging or tennis!

Blog updated December 2016.

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