Remote team building activities seem essential for our current environment of working from home while the stay at home order is in place.

How can you make work more positive? Although work cannot often look like lying on a hammock on a beautiful spring day. There are definitely ways to help you make your work day more pleasant, positive and productive. Here are some of my favorite tips.  Whether you are working alone in private practice, in a group practice or work in a traditional dietitian setting, staying positive is key to success.  As, I write this blog, many people are working from home while a stay at home order is in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many of us are working outside of our comfort zones and learning to balance home, family and work obligations during this unprecedented time. Change is the one constant in this universe.  I hope these tips help you cope during this coronavirus. Welcome to the new virtual work from home norm.

Here are some of our remote team building activities:

Hopefully these tips will help you stay grounded, positive and connected now and in the future.

Did you know that Klara Knezevic sends us daily doses of positivity to help us stay connected during COVID-19 stay at home? I think this would be a great place to share what we are doing to stay connected at RBA. What are you doing to stay connected to other dietitians and your team during the pandemic? If you are in a team situation, please share what you are doing with us. If you are working solo, we would love to have you chime in with what you are doing to stay connected with our dietitians in private practice facebook group and our blog followers.

Daily positivity sample emails as remote team building activities:

Here is a sample of Klara’s positivity email about a sock challenge:

Good morning everyone!
I talked a lot of self-care, meditation and human connection and interaction this week, especially with taking care of ourselves and each other right now during this time. We also can’t forget the importance of letting loose sometimes and getting silly! There is even a lot of research on how it is helpful for dealing with stress, this article is great.
So in an effort to get a little silly, I would like to invite everyone to RBA Crazy Sock Day! I would love to see photos of your craziest, silliest, or comfiest socks! Here is one of my favorites:
Have a good day and don’t be afraid to get a little silly ????

And we shared our socks!

remote team building activities

Here is another one of our recent remote team building activities:

Movie edition!  Have each of your team report on which movies they have been enjoying lately.  Here is a compilation of our favorite movies. Respond with some movies that you have been watching (I’m sure we all need some ideas). Excited to hear what everyone is watching!

  • Ratatouille
  • Hustlers, which was good but definitely a little racy.
  • Knives Out (so good, but not exactly uplifting)
  • Trolls
  • Yesterday (so cute and funny)
  • The Ten Commandments in bits and pieces (a real blast from the 1950’s)
  • Hallmark movies and Bravo are where I am living!

We also had a lot of team members share that they are watching shows and podcasts instead of movies.  Here are a few.

remote team building activities

One of favorite remote team building activities with a twist!

We start each of our team meetings with a rose and a thorn and we are continuing to do this virtually.  What is a rose and a thorn. I figured we would start today off with another interactive daily email, with a rose, thorn, and bud.

remote team building activities

What is a bud you might ask? Not sure what a rose or thorn is either? Here is a little refresher:

ROSE: a joy from the day/week
THORN: a woe from the day/week
BUD: a something that you are looking forward to

And the twist is VIRTUAL BINGO:

This game of coronavirus quarantine 2020 Staff Meeting Bingo was so incredibly fun!  I definitely recommend that you play this with your team!

remote team building activities

We hope that you have enjoyed these remote team building activities.  Let us know which ones you try and if you have tried others, we would love to hear about this.  If you are interested in any kind of business coaching to start and/or expand your private practice, reach out to us at, or or fill out the form below.

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