Time to de-stress. Life can get, well, really stressful! Some days I just feel like I haven’t had the time to breath. Stress is a very common problem in the lives of Americans and if left out of control, can cause some pretty serious issues in other aspects of life. While it may not be realistic to eliminate stress all together, it is important to have strategies at the ready to cope with your stress when it is high. While, aromatherapy, massages, and Pilates classes are great stress busters, they can get kind of expensive! But you know what isn’t expensive?? Spending time in the great outdoors!


Nature is a totally great, totally FREE way to de-stress! And this time of year, the weather is just right for taking some time to enjoy this wonderful world we live in. Here are some ways I life to de-stress on the great outdoors:

Ideas to De-stress for Free:

Go for a walk.

Just breathing in the fresh air and taking in the surroundings helps to remind you that there is a whole, amazing world out there beyond your stress.  You can also take your dog for a walk!

Walk your dog for self-care

Walk your dog for self-care

Lay down in the grass.

A lot of times after I go for a run, I’ll take about 5 minutes to just lay in the grass and focus on my breathing before I go inside. It is just a great way to end a run or a study break!

De-stress at the park

Go to the park.

Take a hike!

Hiking with friends or family is a great way to distract yourself from the stressors back home. My favorite in the area is the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls.

outdoor self care

Have you ever seen a billy goat on the trail?


Take your lunch break outside. One summer, I worked in an office building in which my desk was no where near a window. It stressed me out just being cooped up in there! I always made sure to take my lunch outside, just to get some fresh air and sunlight.

De-stress outside with a picnic

Picnic fun!

Study/Read/Do work, outside.

I still believe that the greatest part of my apartment complex is the great outdoor seating! I love to sit out there to do my homework. It’s amazing how even in the midst of finals week, studying outdoors is…calming.

Reading outside is relaxing.

De-stress with a book.

Remember to always block up when going outdoors, especially in this summer sun!

What are your favorite ways to de-stress outdoors? Let us know!

Self-care is a key component of nourishing your mind, body and soul.  We would love to help you take better care of yourself. Please connect with us below.

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