Have you ever made a vision board to help with visualizing your dreams? Most of us have dreams and aspirations and if you’re anything like me, you always have them in the forefront of your mind! For some, dreams, goals, and aspirations are well developed in the mind and easily visualized. But sometimes it takes a little bit of creativity and some hands-on effort to get the visualization juices flowing!

A great way to get your dreams and aspirations out of your head and into the open is the creation of a vision board. Vision Boards can serve a few purposes including giving you a visual representation of how you see your life progressing in the near future and it can also be a very motivating decoration! See below for a sample of one of our dietitians visualizing board.

Dana's vision board.

The first week of January, I made myself a Vision Board. Mine happened to encompass not only some things I hope to accomplish this year but also long term dreams and also just things that I like! This is how I did it:

How to Make a Vision Board

  1. I used a piece of poster paper as my backdrop. Buy one at the craft store and cut it down to a size that you think is manageable for all of your big ideas!
  2. Use magazines, newspapers, and other documents that have photos or words that you can use to describe your visions.
  3. Using plain liquid school glue, you can use either an old gift card or a brush to spread a thin layer on the poster paper.
  4. Arrange the pictures or words on the poster paper in a way that is pleasing to you and add another layer of glue around the edges.
  5. Let the poster dry completely and hang it somewhere you will see it often.
  6. Be inspired!

Here is what mine ended up looking like:

sarah's vision board visualizing

Visualizing is Key

So, think about what you would put on your vision board. Throughout the poster you see food galore! I love food and as a Dietetics Student I hope to work very closely with it for the rest of my life. You can also see a couple dancing because I’m hoping to take a ballroom dance class sometime this year. There are also a lot of great quotes that I loved including “cook on the bright side”, “live life”, and “I don’t ignore my sweet tooth”.

Make yours the way you like it, and prepare to be inspired! Best of luck on your 2015 dreams and aspirations!

Vision board can help you focus on your career.


What are your dreams and goals for this year? If health is one of them, contact us today to make an appointment and our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists can help you meet your goals.

Contributions by Sarah Frazier, student intern.

Blog updated in December 2016.

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