Nutritional Related Testing


It is impossible to evaluate a person’s health status just by looking at the surface. As Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, we take an in-depth look at what you are eating, your habits, and your lifestyle, so we can provide the recommendations that will make the biggest positive impact on your health and well-being. To take it a step further, our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists have been trained to use nutrition-related testing to understand what is going on underneath the surface on a cellular level. We use a variety of tests to provide even more personalized nutrition recommendations.

Metabolism Testing

Using a convenient 20-minute breathing test we will be able to determine the number of calories you burn at rest to identify your daily energy needs.

Body Fat Testing

With this testing we are able to quickly and painlessly determine your percentage of body fat versus lean muscle.

Vitamin and Mineral Testing

This vitamin and mineral testing from SpectraCell Labs can identify nutrient deficiencies. Learn more

Food Sensitivity Testing

If you are suffering with digestive issues, migraines, arthritic pain, or skin issues, food sensitivities might be playing a role. The Mediated Release Test (MRT) evaluates for 30 chemicals and 140 foods that could be contributing to unwanted symptoms. The LEAP protocol puts these results into action. Learn more

Stool Testing

Comprehensive stool testing can provide us with information to better customize your nutrition plan and probiotic needs. Testing can identify parasites, inflammation, and the good and/or bad bacteria that live in your system. Learn more

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing gives us insights that help us tailor your nutrition recommendations as to your vitamin intake, lactose intolerance, caffeine, metabolism and more. Learn more

Heart and Blood Sugar Testing

SpectraCell Laboratories Cardio Metabolic testing shows us an in depth look into your hearth health markers and risk factors for developing diabetes.  Learn more

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