Do you have healthy snacks to pack?  All throughout high school I was always part of a sports team. We had intense, two hour practices multiple times during the week. Before every practice, I made sure to have a snack. If I wasn’t wise with the pre-workout snack I chose, I ended up feeling nauseous midway through practice.

Are you an athlete? Is your child an athlete?

What are the best snacks to pack?

Check out these ideas for snacks for pre and post workouts.

Remember, everyone has different bodies that will react differently to foods, so it is important to find something that works for you!

Pre-Workout Snacks to Pack

1. Protein Shakes

Whip something up at home that contains natural sources of protein like a mix of greek yogurt, oatmeal, and a banana to add some flavor. Check out these recipes for great shake combos. You can also get store bought ones like Special K protein shakes. Protein powder is also an option or getting some protein into your morning smoothie. Look for a protein with 100% Whey Protein or Pea Protein. 

10 minute meal

Photo by Kaitlin Eckstein

2. Eggs with Vegetables

Eggs are packed with protein and the veggies can help provide fuel for your workout. Try this Spinach and Mushroom Frittata recipe! 

frittata as a meatless meal

Photo credit Kaitlin Eckstein

3. Yogurts and Chia Seeds

Yogurt is high in protein and chia seeds are high in fiber, protein, and omega-3s! This is an easy portable snack. 

yogurt with toppings

Photo by Kristin Jenkins

4. Peanut butter on Whole Wheat Bread

The peanut butter provides protein and the whole wheat bread provides fiber to keep you full throughout your workout. 

5. Cheese on Whole Wheat Crackers

Grab a string cheese and put a few whole wheat crackers in a bag for an easy on the go snack!

cheese and crackers

Photo by Klara Knezevic

Post Workout Snacks to Pack

 1. Protein Bars

Granola and protein bars are super easy to toss into your bag and often have a good combination of protein and carbohydrates.

snacks to pack

Kind Nut &Fruit Bars

2. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is filled with protein, pair it with some fruit for a complete post workout snack. 

3. Mini Homemade Pizzas

I like to make these on whole wheat sandwich thins. It takes about two minutes to prep and another few minutes in the toaster. Spread some tomato sauce on the open sandwich thin, and then either sprinkle a small handful of shredded cheese on top, or rip up a slice of cheese. This will provide you with energy to recover from your workout. Check out these other fun ways to make homemade pizzas

Mini pizzas from our Mayhem to Mealtime program

Mini pizzas from our Mayhem to Mealtime program

4. Nuts and Seeds 

A handful of peanuts are high in protein and heart healthy fats. Pair with a piece of fruit for a complete snack. Pepitas are good seed to try, they are high in potassium, which is a type of electrolyte that is lost during workouts. Try this recipe for a flavorful, salty snack! 

peanuts and pepitas

Photo by Kristin Jenkins

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