All of us have crazy schedules—because of your job or your children or studying for school. Here are some tips on Eating Healthy With a Busy Schedule. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t still live a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some tips on Eating Healthy With a Busy Schedule

Plan ahead and schedule details

—This is probably the MOST important way to eat healthy. Look over your schedule for the next day and decide what you want to eat and when you’ll be able to eat. This is difficult to do at first, but once you make a point to look at your schedule in advance, it becomes habit!

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Pack a lunch and schedule time to eat healthy on a busy schedule

—Lunches that we pack from home tend to be way healthier than options you can find at work or at school. Try to pack your lunch the night before; this way you won’t feel rushed in the morning!

Kid Friendly Lunch Box Ideas

Buy mostly healthy foods

—It’s important to stock your closet and fridge with mostly healthy options.  This way, you’ll have a TON of nutrient dense foods to choose from. Frozen and canned veggies are an option if you do not have time to prepare fresh ones. It’s okay though to have some fun foods like cookies or ice cream—everyone needs a treat!

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Make dinner on the weekends for the week

—Try making dinner on the weekend (or other days when you have more time) for the rest of the week. Foods like pasta, quinoa, and rice will not spoil, so you can make them in bulk. You can even pre-cook meat, so all you have to do it defrost a piece and heat it up in the microwave!

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Snack on healthier options

—A lot of us like to munch on snacks here and there. It’s important to choose healthier options when we are snacking. For example, instead of potato chips and dip, try carrots, celery, and hummus. Make sure your snacks include both a carb and a protein so you feel fuller longer!

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Take advantage of the Crock Pot (or Instapot)

—The slow cooker is the perfect way to have a home cooked meal right when you get home without much effort. Add the ingredient, set the time, and you’re done!


The above are just a few tips to eat healthier with a hectic schedule. Some of these may not work for you, but some may not. Feel free to try different combinations of these tips and comment on this blog which ones work best for you! You can also speak to your RD about other ways to eat healthy for a busy lifestyle.

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Need individualized help fitting healthy eating into your busy schedule? 

Make an appointment with one of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists! 

Blog update December 2019.

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