Lifestyle Tips for Vegetarians

Recently I seem to have attracted quite a few vegetarian and vegan clients. It can often be overwhelming as a client makes the decision to avoid all or many animal products.  Often added work is needed to maintain a vegan diet such as cooking at home, packing meals, and getting enough protein.

Since I myself am not vegan it makes it difficult to advise on recipes, grocery shopping and favorite vegan restaurants. That is the beauty at Rebecca Bitzer & Associates: we have 8 dietitians so we can make sure that each client is placed with the one that is best fit for them.

Even though veganism is not my specialty I decided to write this blog based on the resources from our Registered Dietitians and student interns to become more familiar with cooking 100% without animal products! I would be happy to hear your favorite vegetarian blogs, protein sources, and recipes to further help my clients that eat vegan.  See below for resources, recipes, tips, product reviews and more.

Vegetarian Blogs to follow:

The Kind Life Features mostly blog posts with recipes from time to time, but there is a community forum with more recipes

Sprouted Kitchen

Vegan Stoner  The name is more tongue and cheek, it is more about fast recipes without an extensive list of foods

Healthy, happy life

Happy Herbivore

Vegetarian cooking

Washington, DC restaurants. DC is a pretty veg-friendly city

Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants and grocery stores in Washington, DC

Raw foods

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine   Rebecca Bitzer, RD is a member if you additional information.  Furthermore, they recommend the vegan lifestyle

Vegan Recipe Inspiration (tried by RBA staff and loved!)

Tofu tossed in sesame seeds and panko and then pan fried or baked

Black bean quinoa burgers you can also stuff carrots and other veggies into these and they turn out great! Substitute bread crumbs with quinoa.

Sesame Quinoa Bowl recipe

Favorite High Protein Vegetarian Snacks

Enlightened Crisps

Buddha Bites

Green Plate Foods

Chia Seeds

Hummus made from a variety of beans (pulses)

Hemp hearts

Silken tofu in shakes

Tempeh is best in Thai or Asian inspired dished because it is nutty

Broad Beans vegan

Broad Beans

Our Favorite Vegetarian Recipes:

Coconut-crusted tofu with peach mango salsa

vegetarian coconut tofu recipe

Mango Tofu Rice Bowls

Vegan Rice Bowl

Vegan Rice Bowl

For more of our vegetarian recipes, click here!

Fun Vegan Resources:

Thanksgiving dishes that are vegan

Ways to add protein to smoothies

Tofu Recipes Blog:   Tells you what kind of tofu to use (soft, firm, etc) and also uses lots of different flavors so you don’t feel like you’re eating tofu again

What are your favorite resources and products? Let us know

Blog updated December 2016.

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