Am I Getting Enough Protein?

If you or your loved one is a vegetarian, it is important to find easy vegetarian protein sources. Healthy vegetarian diets have been proven to help prevent chronic disease and maintain a healthy heart. Some vegetarians however are concerned with achieving an adequate protein intake.

Sources of Protein for Vegetarians from Kait Fortunato

Kait Fortunato with Rebecca Bitzer and Associates gives tips on getting adequate protein if you are a vegetarian. If you are vegetarian and concerned with your protein intake, there are various easy vegetarian protein sources you can consume to meet your protein needs.

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Easy vegetarian foods include include nuts, like almonds or walnuts, soy products such as tofu or tempeh, beans such as black beans, kidney beans and navy beans, quinoa and Greek yogurt. One of my favorite breakfasts is Greek yogurt with some almonds stirred with for a nice pack of protein first thing in the morning.

easy vegetarian protein sources

Here are some quick and easy vegetarian protein sources to add to your grocery list:

Nuts (walnuts, almonds)


Black beans

Kidney beans

Navy beans


Greek yogurt



Do vegetarians find it difficult to maintain protein intake?

If you are mindful about sources of protein in foods, you should be able to find many vegetarian sources of protein.

easy vegetarian protein sources

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More Resources for Vegetarians

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Blog updated November 2019

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