Have you tried to lose weight, but have not been able to see the results that you want?

Don’t get frustrated – come in to see a Registered Dietitian! A Registered Dietitian (RD) can give you the tools that you need to get over the hump and kick-start your journey to. An RD can guide you in making the lifestyle changes you need to help you lose the weight you want.


Here is what you can expect when you visit with one of our dietitians:

Assessment of current lifestyle: The RD will gather information from you regarding your current lifestyle. Learning about your food habits, stress levels, activity levels, and other aspects of your life is helpful for the RD when you are being assessed for weight loss.


Food relationships: The RD will ask about your current relationship with food. They will be interested in how often you eat, how much you eat, and what you eat. Do you find yourself struggling to eat intuitively when you are overwhelmed, stressed, or upset? Eating healthy is more than just having a meal plan. It is also working with your behaviors around food.


Plan of action: Your RD will then make a plan of action with you. Weight loss plans are highly individualized, but may include things such as setting priorities for change, setting mutually agreed upon weight management goals, designing individualized meal plans, constructing mindful eating exercises, establishing intuitive eating guidelines, or building a weight loss system. Over time, you and your RD will make the changes in your lifestyle that will elicit weight loss.


It is important to remember that each client’s situation is different. An RD will be able to help you in your specific situation so you can see the results you want. We also offer tests such as metabolism testing and body analysis tests so that you can have a better understanding of exactly what is going on in your body. The first step in seeing the weight loss results you want is to set up an appointment with one of our dietitians using this contact form or calling 301-474-2499!

Blog updated October 2015

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