How We Can Help


Solutions to eating concerns surrounding your training or exercise routine
Nutritional choices to maximize performance and avoid injuries
Your metabolic needs


Build confidence in your nutrition choices to enhance your training
Individualize an eating plan for hydration, protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake
Create a hydration and fueling plan for race day


Build muscle
Feel stronger
Increase your energy levels
Improve your relationship with food

Happy Clients

“I wanted to let you know that your guidance helped me establish a complete plan to achieve my goal. The “food” component was always a big mystery to me, but I was able to apply what you taught me to my training and on race day. I finished the 31 trail miles in 6:59 which was on point with my goal of 7 hours. Thanks!”
“Alex provided insight regarding my metabolism/fueling needs and great recommendations for balancing my meals (carbs to protein, etc), snacking, and day-to-day and race-day caloric intake.”
“She is highly in tune with the female athlete and body image issues. I continue to incorporate what I learned from her in my daily eating routines and race-day prep which is a testament to her expertise and knowledge”

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