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Nutritional management of pre- diabetes, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes


How insulin works in your body
Foods that stabilize blood sugars
Foods that spike blood sugars


Test blood sugar using glucometer
Meal plan to control diabetes


Decrease high blood sugars, prevent low blood sugars, reduce your A1C
Feel more energized
Reduce medications


Happy Clients

“I have enjoyed our collaborative effort in the care of our mutual patients. The guidance you provide for nutritional management of chronic medical problems is invaluable to the overall successful management of our patients.”
~ Physician of Kaitlin’s Clients

“Shelley is an eloquent diabetes educator. She has the unique ability to take a complex topic and explain it with ease.”

“I feel we made great progress. I gained a great deal of information about diabetes and set goals towards managing it. Shelley was great, I look forward to working with her.”

“My A1C has come down from 7.6 to 6.9, my glucose levels are within the normal range, and I have lost 9 pounds. Ms. Williams played a central role in all of this, providing crucial information, honest feedback, and an excellent listening ear. She has been crucial to me achieving my goals. I commend her heartily.”
“I am a frustrated newly-diagnosed diabetic who needed a talking-to about what I should be eating and the information that Kaitlin gave me is proving to be very useful.”
“The appointment with Kaitlin went really well and has already been a big help to me in managing my diabetes. My blood sugars dropped quite a bit since my visit with her.”
“You have helped me a lot, my blood pressure is normal most of the time now and never as high as I have seen it at times, my A1C is normal and I’m feeling optimistic about achieving my health goals.”

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