How We Can Help with Fatigue

Do you feel tired?
How often do you wake up exhausted?
When was the last time you felt energized?
Do you feel like you are walking through wet cement?

Are you severely bloated and fatigued?
Have no idea what to do?
Is your body functioning at its best?

We understand how hard it can be to balance a healthy lifestyle. We are here to help you figure out why you feel this way and be energized again.
We can help you make changes to your diet in order to feel more alert, combat tiredness, fight fatigue, and strengthen your immune system.


  • Fatigue can be related to malnutrition
  • Steady energy without feeling “hangry” (that is, hungry and irritable) during the day
  • Nutrient deficiencies or food sensitivities that may be contributing to your exhaustion
  • Ways to fuel your body to help normalize your blood sugar


  • Plan meals to maintain energy levels throughout the day
  • Nourish your body for vitality
  • Practice ways to balance out macronutrients


  • Improve insomnia
  • Improve concentration and clear your brain fog
  • Correct anemia or B12 deficiency
    Feel energized

Micronutrient Testing in Our Offices

Monthly we have a phlebotomist come to our offices to help with finding the root of your fatigue. For your convenience, our phlebotomist offers home visits as well!

We suggest starting with micronutrient testing to access any nutrient deficiencies you may have. The chart below breaks down each micronutrient and how they contribute to your overall well being.


In addition to our compassionate approach, we take the time to really get to know you and understand your situation so that we can help you feel better.  We can look at your situation from a number of different angles to really get to the root of your problem.

You might be suffering from a micronutrient deficiency from not eating enough of a certain type of food, or you may have problems with digesting and absorbing the food that you are eating.

Maybe you have some kind of food sensitivity that is causing you a delayed response that is making you feel sick or tired or both?

Food timing of meals is key and can be a fairly simple fix.  Also, the composition of what you are eating may need to be tweaked to help you feel better, small adjustments can sometimes give immediate, significant results.

Blood sugar problems are sometimes difficult to discover, but we can help you discover and solve your blood sugar rollercoaster.

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Want to see one of our dietitians in action?

Take a look here.

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Happy Clients

“Dana was empathetic, patient, kind and knowledgeable. She gave me a number of suggestions/ideas that I could immediately get started with. I look forward to my next appointment with her. I’ve already tried a few of her suggestions and have already noticed some changes. SO glad I came to this practice, and so glad Dana is my dietitian.”
“Shelley put me at ease as soon as my appointment started. She is very knowledgeable and shared many ideas and tips to get me on the road to eating well!”

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