Food Sensitivities Survival Guide

Have you been diagnosed with food sensitivities and have no idea what you CAN eat?

You are not alone, so many people get their food sensitivity results back from a health professional and then feel overwhelmed when it is time to figure out exactly what to eat.  We understand how overwhelming it can be to change your eating and cooking habits, especially in the beginning, and fortunately, with our support and guidance, it becomes much easier.

Did you know that our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists wrote an EASY food sensitivities cookbook?

This is unlike any other food sensitivity book you have ever read. Why? Because our book encourages you to focus on foods that you CAN eat. Our Cooking with Food Sensitivities Survival Guide will walk through each step of food preparation with 10 recipes and graphics for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that can be catered to your specific results.

It is completely customizable!

This guide will empower you to quickly prepare food that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Cooking with Food Sensitivities is not only used for food allergies and sensitivities, but also for individuals who are needing assistance in meal preparation for general health.

Food sensitivities survival guide

Breakfast Guide

Using this guide with your Registered Dietitian, you will create satisfying meals without causing further inflammation in your body. Despite your dietary restrictions, you can find unique ways to enjoy a variety of flavorful meals. This cookbook includes cereal bowls, breakfast bars, tasty toasts, breakfast bars, parfaits, breakfast grain bowls, muffin tin eggs, smoothies, scrambles, and breakfast hash recipes.

Gluten and dairy free breakfast ideas are easier than ever!

Lunch Guides

In this section, you will discover ten recipe templates to make unlimited variations of lunches. Yes, even with food sensitivities, we can help you bring joy back into your meals. Take a look at these food sensitivity friendly meals including sandwiches, lunch grain bowls, mason jar salads, pasta salads, pizzas, tacos, loaded baked potatoes, chilis, deli salads, and quiches.

Dairy free lunch ideas are illustrated with technique cooking.

Dinner Guides

Often the most challenging meal of the day is dinner.  This food sensitivity friendly guide will help you get dinner on the table for you and your family without spending hours in the kitchen.

Our user friendly recipes include burgers, pasta bowls, kebabs, crockpot meals, foil packet meals, grilled foods, one-pan meals, rice and beans, stir-fry and stuffed vegetables.

These recipes make gluten and dairy free dinners easy and enjoyable.

Food Sensitivity Survival Guide

Our book is filled with technique cooking that will help you EASILY put together meals based on your food sensitivities.  We have these books available in our office to purchase at a discount. The book is also to Registered Dietitians at a bulk rate.  Contact us for more information or simply purchase directly on amazon.

Some of examples of these recipes are on our website,

Remember that these recipes work for both food allergies and sensitivities.

food sensitivities

So Many Tasty Recipes

Take a look at the wide variety of tasty recipes.  Don’t forget, these recipes are mix and match so the possibilities are endless!

Take a look at the table of contents including: 

Cereal bowls, breakfast bowls, tasty toasts, breakfast toasts, parfaits, grain bowls…

Sandwiches, lunch grain bowls, mason jar salads, pasta salads, pizzas, tacos…

 Burgers, pasta bowls, kebobs, crockpot meals, foil packet meals, one pan meals…

 And even snack foods!

Another awesome thing about this book is that we only include foods that can be tested to make it even easier for you to follow.


Cooking Tips and Hacks

This guide is filled with cooking tips and hacks to help make your cooking simple and enjoyable.  Here is a sample guide of a cooking recipe graphic. Each graphic includes a food sensitivity recipe where you can mix and match ingredients that are safe for you! Spend less time worrying about what to eat and more time living!

Technique cooking is key for making quick and easy meals for food sensitivities.

Step-by-step mix and match cooking is the answer to all of your cooking with food sensitivities nightmares!

Purchase “Cooking With Food Sensitivities Survival Guide” by your REBEL Dietitians here!


We have THREE ways that you can get a copy of Cooking with Food Sensitivities!

  • Order your book from amazon and have it delivered to your home for $39.99.
  • Order your ebook here and get your copy INSTANTLY for $25
  • Stop by one of our Maryland offices and pick up a hard copy for $35

Actually we have 4 ways to obtain a copy of this book, if you are a registered dietitian, we offer a discounted bulk rate for you to use with your clients.  Click here for more information.

Have more questions about our new book Cooking with Food Sensitivities Survival Guide? Email us at [email protected] or call us at 301-474-2499.

Happy Clients

“When I first got my LEAP results, I had no idea where to start. With the help of my Certified Leap Therapist and this cooking guide, it made meal times much easier and stress-free.”
“My family is full of picky eaters, which has made meal time historically difficult. Once I added my food sensitivities I thought it was going to be impossible! This guide helped me come up with delicious and simple meals that were a hit with the whole family”


“I am not a good cook and never have been. I was nervous about how much cooking I would have to do after I received my MRT results. With this guide and my dietitian’s encouragement, I was able to put my meals together with ease.”
This guide is fantastic! It was not only helpful in meal planning for my family but a great guide for those who are beginners in the kitchen. I would definitely recommend it.”

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