Meal planning for busy people

Who’s got time to think up healthy, quick meals every day?!
You’ve got enough to think about.
Calming mealtime mayhem is easier with a qualified nutrition expert on your team.

Remove nutrition confusion

Make food choices easier

Succeed with sustainable changes

Planning dinners for a busy family can feel like pure mayhem

We know how challenging it can be to provide nutritious meals for the family. 
Many quick and convenient meals lack the balance that our bodies crave. 

If coming up with balanced meals that everyone will enjoy can leave your head spinning, we can help.

Free recipes

Explore our archive of free recipes for healthy mealtime inspiration

Mealtime Made Easy Program

8 weeks of no-fuss meal plans, recipes and more

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Personalized menus

Meals perfected for you with personalized meal plans

Mealtime Made Easy Program

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See our RD’s favorite tools to make meal prep easy!

Each of the eight weeks will provide you with:
● 5 dinner recipes
● A weekly grocery list for the recipes
● Time saving tips on how to make the recipes
● Tips on how to customize the meals for your preferences
Only $49.00 for 8-weeks dinnertime meal plans.

A meal plan that really works.

Personalized menu plans tailored to your tastes.

Personalized meal plans

Many meal plans give you ideas that just aren’t your taste. Medical conditions or food preferences make them just not worth your time and money.

We can provide you with tailored meal plans that are suited perfectly to your tastes.  

First, speak with one of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. 

Receive a 7-day meal plan tailored to your food preferences, lifestyle and medical conditions. 

$250.00 for 7 days meal plans