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Nutrition Books & Resources

You deserve to feel energized and enjoy life.

But making changes can be harder than we think.

Feeling your best is easier with a qualified nutrition expert on your team.


Our books and resources give you any-time access to nutrition experts.

Nutrition Guides

Gentle Nutrition Guides

Our Gentle Nutrition Guides provide practical, non-restrictive, and shame-free nutrition advice that makes meal planning feel easier and eating feel more intuitive. You learn to navigate day to day situations with confidence, removing stress around making food choices.

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Nutrition Books



Our book, Nourished: 10 ingredients to happy, healthy eating will take you down the path of nourishing your body from start to finish.

Explore how you eat now and how to adopt the principles of intuitive eating.

We guide you through nutrition concepts and what normal eating can look like.  Then we show how to put that knowledge into practice by organizing your kitchen, meal planning, grocery shopping, meal prepping, and eating out.

Not only will this workbook help you improve how you feel but it will give you confidence in eating.

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Cooking with Diabetes

Cooking with Food Sensitivities Survival Guide

This is unlike any other food sensitivity book you have ever read. Why? Because our book encourages you to focus on foods that you CAN eat. 

Our Cooking with Food Sensitivities Survival Guide will walk through each step of food preparation with recipes and graphics.

This guide will empower you to quickly and easily prepare food that will leave you feeling satisfied and great!

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Cooking with Diabetes

Cooking with Diabetes

Having diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods to control your diabetes. 

Living with diabetes can be a challenge at times, however, it is possible to eat healthy AND delicious meals when you prepare meals with our recipes that are designed to keep your blood glucose levels in a safe range.

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Cooking with Diabetes

Welcome to the Rebelution

Our dietitians also want to help other dietitians create the nutrition counseling practice of their dreams so they can work with clients they are passionate about and provide them the best possible care.

Discover the seven steps to the nutrition counseling practice of your dreams.

  • Realize YOUR Potential
  • Excel in YOUR Niche
  • Build YOUR Private Practice

Learn more about our dietitian coaching.

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