Live or work in or near Greenbelt, MD in Prince Georges County?

Tired of eating the same foods? Frustrated with trying to get an easy, healthy meal on the table? Worried about your health?

Looking for nutrition help in Prince Georges County? We have a centrally located office in Greenbelt, Maryland. Our office is located right off the Baltimore Washington Parkway and the Capital Beltway and Kenilworth Avenue. We are located in Greenbelt Capital Office Park, near the Greenbelt Metro Station, near Greenway shopping center, Beltway Plaza, and Greenbelt Park, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and the University of Maryland  (UMD) College Park campus.

Starting January 2, 2020, we will be in a new location.

This location is larger than our previous location and is ADA accessible. We have plenty of free parking and our office is located on the fourth floor with an elevator.

6301 Ivy Lane, Suite 410 Greenbelt, MD 20770

Our  nutrition office is staffed with a team of compassionate Registered Dietitians with effective solutions to decrease your mealtime stress.  The benefit of reaching out to a team of Registered Dietitians is that we each specialize in a specific area of nutrition.  Why go to a generalist when you have the opportunity to see a specialist?  And best of all, we are participating providers for most health insurance plans.

More details about our Greenbelt office

We have four counseling rooms so several dietitians are able to provide nutrition counseling most days of the week in our Greenbelt office.

greenbelt office

Current hours (vary by Registered Dietitian):

Monday 9-7
Tuesday 8-7
Wednesday 8-7
Thursday 8-7
Friday 8-4

Greenbelt office

Registered Dietitians at this location:

Klara Knezevic, RD, LD, CLT
Kaitlin Williams Eckstein, MPH, RD, LD
Shelley Lewis, RD, LD, CDE – Spanish speaking
Kathleen Tabb, RD, LD, CLT
Elizabeth Kerr, RD, LD


Upcoming Events in our Greenbelt Office:

01/15/20 8:00AM Blood Draw
02/12/20 8:00AM Blood Draw
03/11/20 8:00AM Blood Draw

If you are driving, here is the landmark on Kenilworth Avenue.

Greenbelt nutrition office


Our new office is one mile from the Greenbelt Metro Subway station. There is even a Metro shuttle to our Capital Office Park building. See the details below.

Greenbelt Metro Station to Capital Office Park


6:30AM 6:45AM 7:00AM 7:15AM 7:30AM 7:45AM 8:00AM 8:15AM 8:30AM 8:45AM 9:00AM 9:15AM


4:00PM 4:02PM 4:05PM 4:07PM 4:15PM 4:17PM 4:20PM 4:22PM 4:30PM 4:32PM 4:35PM 4:37PM 4:45PM 4:47PM 4:50PM 4:52PM 5:00PM 5:02PM 5:05PM 5:07PM 5:15PM 5:17PM 5:20PM 5:22PM 5:30PM 5:32PM 5:35PM 5:37PM 5:45PM 5:47PM 5:50PM 5:52PM 6:00PM 6:02PM 6:05PM 6:07PM 6:15PM 6:17PM 6:20PM 6:22PM 6:30PM 6:32PM 6:35PM 6:37PM 6:45PM 6:47PM 6:50PM 6:52PM


Other nutrition offices:

We also see clients in Columbia, Annapolis, and Montgomery county.

For more information about our practice and to make an appointment, take a look at this nutrition counseling page. You can also call us at 301-474-2499 or email us at [email protected]

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