Who is our supporting staff?

Meet the team members that run our main office in Greenbelt, Maryland. Our administrative staff is kind and conscientious. They know our dietitians inside-out and do an amazing job of matching your nutritional needs with the dietitian who will be able to help you best!

Karen Perdomo

Karen is currently the billing manager for Rebecca Bitzer and Associates. She is a graduate of Towson University with a degree in business accounting. She previously was a receptionist for 5 years up until the doctor retired. Outside of work she enjoys looking for new comics to read online, spending time with her family, and going out to eat with her friends. She also speaks Spanish.
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Wendy Martinez

Wendy is currently a receptionist for Rebecca Bitzer and Associates. Wendy is fluent in Spanish and is always willing to help translate. She has 4 years experience with being a receptionist. She is also pursuing a career in healthcare since she enjoys helping as many people as she can. Outside of work she enjoys painting, reading , and spending time with her family.
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Katherine Flores

Katherine is currently a receptionist for Rebecca Bitzer and Associates. Katherine has been a medical receptionist for over a year and is fluent in Spanish. She has a passion for working in the administration side of healthcare. Outside of work she revels in heading to the city and trying out new restaurants but also trying to stay active by hiking and & catching a nice sunset. 
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Sierra Walker-Swann

Sierra is a receptionist for Rebecca Bitzer and Associates. She has been in customer service for almost 7 years which includes experience in a patient call center as well as being a medical receptionist. She is very passionate about customer service and wishes to further expand her knowledge and skills in healthcare. Outside of work, she enjoys going for walks, reading, and doing hair in her free time. 
karen kozak

Karen Kozak

Karen is a receptionist for Rebecca Bitzer and Associates. She has been in the medical field for 10 years and is very passionate about customer service. She wishes to help patients in any way she can and ensure they have a life changing experience here at RBA. Outside of work, Karen enjoys weight lifting and going on walks with her daughter and her dog. She loves trying new restaurants and is always looking for a new place to dine.

Our supporting staff can help you with the following:

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