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Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD, LD, CEDRD has 30 years of experience in private practice and can mentor you to do the same.

To help foster our profession as nutrition experts, Rebecca empowers Registered Dietitian Nutritionists at all levels in their career. Business coaching is available to help you through the process of becoming an insurance provider, creating nutrition programs, setting up an electronic health record, fine tuning your niche, hiring your first student, or even your sixth Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Rebecca can help give you the confidence to make informed decisions every step of the way to create the nutrition counseling practice of your dreams.

Follow our new blog series to help future dietitians and seasoned dietitians interested in joining or creating their own private practice. All you need to do is search our website for Business Coaching and the blogs will show up!

Blogs include topics such as:

Rebecca is the co-author and inspiration for a workbook designed to help Registered Dietitians build a private practice. You can find more information and order her Welcome to the REBELution: Seven Steps to the Nutrition Counseling Practice of Your Dreams workbook! She provides all levels of business coaching. You can learn more about the support that she provides by connecting with her at or on her LinkedIn profile.

Success Stories

“From the very first “assignment” I felt propelled forward. Rebecca put a fire under me and helped me clarify my vision. She taught me the nuts and bolts of how to utilize students, volunteers and RDs in the practice. More importantly she understood by her own experience with private practice and working with clients with eating disorders the level of expertise, time and hard work I gave to my clients. In a short 6 months, not only has my bottom line improved but my satisfaction has doubled.”
“I was there…immersed in my first year of private practice doing well, but…I needed to take everything to the next level. I didn’t have the time or energy to reinvent the wheel so I contacted Rebecca Bitzer and associates. Rebecca guided me through an incredible amount of work in 4 months that, on my own, could have easily taken me all year to figure out. I continue to implement steps of our business coaching plan which keeps my business growing every day. Rebecca has helped keep me on track through all kinds of ups and downs. She is encouraging and positive, empowering RDs not simply to be successful, but to stand out as leaders in healthcare. It has been a great experience working with Rebecca, meeting her team and solidifying my dreams. Increase 400% over last year.”
“I fell in love with the book, Welcome to the Rebelution: Seven Steps to the Nutrition Practice of Your Dreams, in the Introduction. It is that good! “We believe that Registered Dietitians have traditionally been underpaid, often unspecialized, and historically misunderstood. As such, we have dedicated ourselves to boldly recreate our image, our profession, and our value.” YES!!!! The
exercises in this book are very helpful, and it provides a lot of great information. I recommend this book to every RD and RD-to-Be out there!”

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