As nutrition professionals, we will always believe in food first.  The nutrients in food work together to bring us good health and it is impossible to achieve optimal nutrition with a SAD diet and pills. However, quality supplements that are carefully vetted and individualized, paired with proper testing to evaluate need and effectiveness, can be an important aspect of your nutritional care.
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Why Supplements

  • 85% of US population does not eat enough vegetables
  • Our food supply has lost 15-50% of the nutrients it had since the 1940’s
  • Medications can deplete your nutrient stores
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How to choose supplements

  • Is it tested by a 3rd party for purity, effectiveness, and safety?
  • Is it consistent from pill to pill?
  • Does it survive the digestion process?
  • Does it have an expiration date?
  • Does it have unnecessary additives?
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How to purchase supplements

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists have done the work for you in researching reliable nutrition companies and receiving the training to properly assess and recommend supplements along with other nutrition recommendations.  If you have you have questions about supplements and if they’re right for you, contact us.

Remember: The most expensive supplement is one that doesn’t work!

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