Custom Meal Planning


Meal planning is not one size fits all. Dietitians have the unique skill set to help you meal plan in order to support a specific disease state such as heart disease, diabetes, IBS, or chronic kidney disease. They can also help you to plan for your comfort level in the kitchen, resources (budget and kitchen set up), food preferences, family needs, and other lifestyle factors that affect grocery shopping and meal preparation. In meetings with your dietitian you will be able to work on meal planning together. We also offer a meal planning service to create a weekly meal plan based on your needs. Check out our Mayhem to Mealtime service for quick, convenient, healthy, and delicious recipes.

Healthy Meal Planning for Individuals and Families

Everyone has different taste preferences, time limitations, and budgetary restrictions, and your dietitian can work with you to develop a plan that is right for you and your family. You and your dietitian will be a team, working together to outline a plan that will provide you and your family with easy, healthy meals, that work for you!

Meal Planning for Specific Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions, such as kidney disease or cancer have specific dietary recommendations that go along with it. Work with your dietitian to come up with meal plan that not only fit your dietary needs, but are easy, and taste delicious!

Food Sensitivity Meal Plans

After completing the MRT/LEAP food sensitivity testing you will be asked to make changes to your normal routine. You will be using new ingredients, new cooking techniques, new products, and exploring new grocery stores. The biggest challenge can be focusing on the foods you CAN HAVE and preparing meals that correspond with your results. To help you be successful and feel better faster, Dana offers meal planning that includes breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack recipes and the food products and what grocery stores you can find them.

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