I’m on a low FODMAP diet… What low FODMAP chips can I enjoy for a snack?

Chips are a beloved snack food and luckily, there are several low FODMAP chips available! They come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors making the options endless. Plus, they’re very accessible!

low fodmap chips

Chips are most commonly consumed as a snack (my favorite road trip snack) but people are getting creative and using them as crusts for meats and even as binders in recipes.

Whether you like tortilla chips or the standard potato chip, there are many low FODMAP options throughout the elimination diet. You simply need to know what to look for!

What do you need to look for when choosing a chip?

When looking at different chip options, be sure to keep an eye out for ingredients that are high


  1. “Natural flavors”. This is a vague ingredient that can consist of many different
    unidentified spices. In this case, proceed with caution and watch for symptoms.
  2. Garlic and onion powder
  3. Wheat and barley flour
  4. Buttermilk and sour cream
  5. Molasses

The good news is, most chips are corn and potato based, meaning they are naturally gluten free! It is rare you come across a wheat-based chip (besides pita chips), but wheat can be added into the ingredients in the form of a flavoring.

Below are some additional details above corn- versus potato-based chips and low FODMAP brands. Keep in mind, most chips are not Monash University tested, so I am basing it off of the ingredient label.

Corn Based Chips

corn chips low fodmap chips

Corn in its purest form (aka on the cob) is considered to be low FODMAP at a serving size of a half of a cob, per Monash University. Because corn-based chips are made from grounded corn flour, FODMAP content is going to naturally be lower. They are considered to be safe at a 50-gram serving size (almost 2 cups). Good news for our IBS friends!

Most tortilla chips are low FODMAP, so take your pick! Double check that the ingredients are corn, an oil, and salt.

Let’s talk through some brands:

Fritos Original Corn Chips

Tortilla chips

    1. Tostito’s Scoops and Regular
    2. Late July
    3. Xochitl
    4. Mission
    5. Mi Nina
    6. The sea salt and lime flavor of most chips should still be low FODMAP. Most corn tortilla chips are low fodmap in original flavor

Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips

Pipcorn Sea Salt Dippers

Pop corners

    1. Sea Salt
    2. Sweet and Salty


Let’s move onto chips made from the highest consumed vegetable in the US, Potatoes!

Potato Based Chips

low fodmap chips

Now onto low FODMAP chips made from the highest consumed vegetable in the US: potatoes! When it comes to potato chips, the safest move is to stick with classic flavors. As the flavors get more elaborate, milk/buttermilk and onion/garlic tend to be listed ingredients. Unfortunately, the beloved BBQ flavor is off limits during the elimination phase due to garlic, onion, and molasses. Because chip flavors are not individually tested, we have to make an informed decision on what chips may be low FODMAP. Individual tolerance varies so be sure to monitor!

Here are some brands/flavors are low FODMAP:


Terra Chips

  1. Plantains chips
  2. Blues chips
  3. Sweet potato crinkled/regular

FODY Potato Chips

  1. Barbecue
  2. Pink Himalayan Salt


  1. Original Wavy Potato Chips
  2. Lays Classic
  3. Salt and Vinegar
  4. Poppable’s Sea Salt
  5. Limon


  1. Original
  2. Grandma Utz Kettle Chips
  3. Kettle Classics Original
  4. Ripples Original

Kettle Brand (some may be tolerated as garlic/onion is further down the ingredients)

  1. Sea Salt
  2. Sea Salt and Vinegar
  3. Habanero Lime Crinkle Cut

Ruffles Original

Good Health Original Potato Chips

Cape Cod

  1. Original
  2. Salt and Vinegar
  3. Sweet and Spicy Jalapeno (monitor tolerance due to onion)
  4. Waves Sea Salt


  1. Sea Salt
  2. Sea Salt and Vinegar

Sweet Potato Chip Brands

  1. Kirkland Signature Sweet Potato Chip
  2. Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips
  3. Trader Joe’s Murasaki Sweet Potato Chips
  4. Terra Chips Sweet Potato
  5. One Potato Two Potato


As you’ll see, all of the original chip flavors mentioned above are low FODMAP, making them a safe choice. That’s because they are generally just potatoes, an oil, and salt!

If you are wondering about a brand you don’t see on here, ask your dietitian or stick with the original flavor!

Kathleen Tabb is a registered dietitian based in Maryland. She specializes in digestive conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and has extensive training through her master’s degree in integrative and functional nutrition. She is passionate about looking at her clients holistically to illuminate the root cause of their concerns in order to improve health and quality of life