You may have already seen our blogs with  Low FODMAP dinner ideas, breakfast ideas, and snacks, so now it is time we take on lunch.

Lunch time can seem mundane if you are always eating the same things. And, if you add the limitations of a Low FODMAP diet, it can certainly cause some frustration.

All the recipes below are delicious and easy to make, and work well for meal prep! Some of the recipes below feature products by the brand FODY Foods, which provide Low FODMAP alternatives to ingredients such as spices, marinades, condiments, dressing, and much more!

These products and recipes can certainly make Low FODMAP living easier.  

You can find these products at grocery stores such as Wegmans, in our office, on Amazon, and on FODY’s website. 


10 Low FODMAP Lunch Ideas To Mix Up Your Meal Prep


1. Low FODMAP Stuffed Peppers

low fodmap lunch

Stuffed peppers are an easy meal prep food that holds up well throughout the week! A little bit of work at the beginning of the week can pay off!

Check out our Low FODMAP Stuffed Peppers for a tasty lunch option!

2. Tofu Zucchini Rice Bowl

low fodmap lunch

Tofu is definitely something that I have been experimenting with more in the kitchen. The trick to getting the tofu nice and crispy is to drain out the excess water by pressing the tofu with a cookie sheet.

The yummy Asian style marinade gives the tofu an excellent flavor and makes this rice bowl a delicious alternative to ordering Chinese take-out.

3. Low FODMAP Salad with Tofu

low fodmap lunch ideas

Salad makes a quick and delicious lunch option! Cook the tofu like you did in the Tofu Zucchini Rice Bowl, and combine with lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, and your dressing of choice (just make sure the dressing is low FODMAP friendly!)

4. Low FODMAP Turkey Sandwich

low fodmap sandwich

Sandwiches are not off-limits when on a low FODMAP diet! We like our sandwiches on Canyon Bakehouse Bread.

Top bread with avocado, Applegate oven-roasted turkey breast, lettuce, and tomato, and you are good to go!

5. Sushi

low fodmap sushi

Many Low FODMAPers do well with sushi!  You can do the rice and fish variety or a roll with seaweed, fish, crab, carrots, avocado, bell pepper, sweet potato.  Since the portions of these veggies are small the amount of FODMAPs present should be low enough not to present symptoms.  

If you are gluten-free make sure to switch out the soy sauce for tamari or coconut aminos!

6. Low FODMAP Zucchini Pizza Bites

low fodmap zucchini bites

Just like the pizza bites you ate as a child, but now low FODMAP friendly! Even those not on a low FODMAP diet will enjoy this tasty snack.

7. Low FODMAP Salmon Avocado Boats

low fodmap salmon boats

These salmon avocado boats are easy to put together and oh so satisfying. It is also excellent for meal prep because you can make the salmon mixture ahead, and assemble when it is time to eat!

8. Low FODMAP Tuna Salad with Crackers

low fodmap tuna salad

Tuna salad is something my mom used to make all the time for lunch. Traditional deli tuna salads have high fodmap ingredients such as onion and celery, so we came up with a low fodmap version so you didn’t have to miss out on this delicious and easy lunch.

Serve with gluten-free crackers (I like Crunchmaster), and low fructose fruit like 2 clementines. 

9. Low FODMAP Pasta Salad

low fodmap pasta salad

This pasta salad makes an excellent lunch or side dish for your next gathering!  It comes together quickly and keeps well in the fridge for meal prep. Don’t be intimidated by making your own dressing!

Try putting all the ingredients for the dressing in a mason jar, and shake it up until combined, it really cuts down on the mess.

10. Low FODMAP Chicken Wrap

low fodmap chicken wrap

Another quick and easy lunch. We really like using Trader Joe’s Brown Rice wrap, with tahini, bell peppers, carrots, and rotisserie chicken!

Watch Dietitian Kaitlin preparing 2 of these Low FODMAP lunch recipes!

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