Sports Nutrition Plans for Optimal Performance

Realistic and practical fueling and hydration plans to support you both on and off season

Enhance sports performance

Optimize recovery

Prevent injury

Is your nutrition preventing you from becoming the athlete you’ve always wanted to be? 

Do you feel defeated because no matter how much water you drink, you never seem to be hydrated enough?

Are you frustrated because you’ve been sidelined by injuries that negated all the progress you’ve made?

Are you confused by all the nutrition misinformation out there because you don’t know what is right for you? 

Have you experienced decreased performance because your body didn’t recovery properly on rest days?

Do you struggle with uncomfortable and embarassing digestive symptoms going into and during training sessions?

Have you felt disappointed by an inability to gain muscle and improve stamina no matter how hard you try?

We believe you deserve a sports nutrition plan that is effective, practical and realistic

Sports Nutrition Counseling in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida

Whether you are a professional, collegiate or high school athlete, weekend warrior or recreational athlete, fueling your body properly can be the difference between winning your game or competition and being sidelined by an injury or fatigue.


But, with all the misinformation out there, how do you know what foods and supplements are right for you?


Our sports dietitian will craft a personalized nutrition plan that meets your needs for recovery and sports performance while also accounting for your schedule and lifestyle. We sort through all the confusing nutrition information so you don’t have to!

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Are you ready to level up your sports performance?

Schedule an appointment and find the sports nutrition plan that is right for you

Get to know you

We know every athlete is different. Your dietitian wants to learn about you, your training schedule and performance goals, so they can best support you.

Personalized Sports Nutrition Plan

We don’t believe in “one size fits all.” Work as a team with your sports dietitian to make sure your plan fits your lifestyle and fueling needs.

Be the athlete you always knew you could be!

Stay healthy and train confidently knowing your body has what it needs for peak sports performance.
Sports Nutrition Body COmposition

Sports Nutrition Plans for Athletes At Any Level

Team up with a sports dietitian to:

Develop a personalized fueling and hydration plan that are designed to meet your needs and training goals

Craft a supplementation plan to address vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Modify fueling plan to correct for over and under fueling

Use metabolic and body composition testing to assess your metabolism and evaluate progress towards your goals

Adjust sports nutrition plans for long term use to support you during and after the training season

Address any digestive symptoms before or during training sessions

Sports Nutrition Advice You Can Trust

Work with a specialist in sports nutrition and feel the difference eating the right foods will make

sports nutrition performance

Enhance sports performance

When you eat the right foods, you can train and compete at levels you never thought possible! You’ll see the difference as you hit your personal best and build stamina.
sports nutrition recovery

Optimize recovery

With proper nutrition and hydration you can make the most of rest day and improve recovery between workout and training sessions​.

sports nutrition injury prevention

Prevent injury

Stay healthy and train confidently without the fear of being sidelined by an injury.

FAQ about Sports Nutrition Counseling

Where are you located?

Appointments are available in person in Greenbelt and Columbia, Maryland and virtually nationwide.

Do you accept insurance?

Your sports nutrition counseling appointments may be covered by insurance. We are in-network insurance providers with Carefirst BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, Johns Hopkins EHP, and Medicare. Coverage for nutrition counseling may vary.

What athletes do you work with? 

We work with athletes of all ages, backgrounds and levels. From weekend warriors, to collegiate and professional level athletes, we believe anyone can benefit from nutrition counseling. 

Happy Clients

“I have had the privelege of working with Blair both training for the NFL combine at EXOS in Pensacola (FL) and training for two long grueling seasons with the Miami Dolphins. He has assited me in my nutrition and helped become the athlete I am working to be. He was a very friendly and personable guy to work alongside with. 

“I worked with Blair during part of my time with the Miami Dolphins. He was alreadys ready to give me the best nutrition advice for my career and look into anything that I asked him about. He never just told me what I wanted to hear, but genuinely wanted to make sure I was the best I could be!” 

“The time I spent with Blair was amazing. The nutriton was always on track and he was always a professional about doing his job! By his nutrition being so amazing, I was able to dominate on the field and have one of the best seasons of my career! It was a pleasure working with Blair!”

Meet the Sports Dietitian

Blair Solberger MS RDN, LDN, CSSD

Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and former nutritionist for the Miami Dolphins
Blair is passionate about helping ahtletes at any stage of their career! He can help you optimize performance by fueling correctly, improving recovery, and finding the right supplements to perform at the highest level.
Blair Solberger Dietitian

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