My friends always ask me “how do you have time to make all of these healthy and delicious recipes?” Well, the truth is I don’t always have/make the time to make my favorite meals and when I don’t make the time to cook I make sure to schedule in time to buy something healthy and filling during my lunch break. However, eating out everyday or every week can be pricey and we don’t all have the luxury of getting an hour lunch break.

For this reason, having recipes at hand that are fast, easy, and delicious are so helpful! Recipes that require minimal preparation and cook time are the best when a few minutes is all you have to throw something together. Below are eight fantastic ten minute meals that you will enjoy cooking up during any busy day of the week and that still taste great after storing or freezing.1.

1. Peanut Sriracha Noodles

This meatless meal is quick, delicious, and full of flavor! Prepare the noodles and veggies the night before to save time! If you want even more protein go for the quinoa noodles and add your favorite meat or tofu. Recipe here

2. Monte Cristo Sandwich

This Monte Cristo sandwich is so delicious and has a few modifications to make it healthier! The raspberry jam adds such a sweet zing to this cheesy, flavorful, hot meal. So easy, so delicious. Recipe here

3. Crunchy Asian Salad

This quick Asian salad is great for whipping up greens in a hurry. The cabbage from the coleslaw mix is a great source of vitamin K and vitamin C and has also shown to reduce inflammation! The crispy ramen noodles also add a great crunch to the salad, really bringing it to a new level. Recipe here


4. Moroccan Shrimp Bowl

I personally think shrimp is one of the best foods to base a meal around. Shrimp adds so much flavor to any dish, are super easy to cook with, and are packed with nutrients.  I really like this recipe because its quick and can be worked into many different recipes. The shrimp and veggies give it a summery taste, but it’s also comforting enough to eat on a chilly night. Using pre-cooked shrimp and rice makes cooking this dish in 10 minutes or less possible! Recipe here

5. Lemon Garlic Broccoli Shrimp

With a hint of zesty lemon and a kick of garlic, this dish wonderfully blends together lean shellfish-based proteins and cruciferous veggies. Each bite is replete with selenium and vitamin C to deliver a nutritious option that is destined to become a fast and flavorful meal time favorite. Recipe here

6. Black bean and Corn Quesadilla

This meat free quick treat has become one of my staple meals. The protein and fiber packed beans keep me satisfied for hours, and the crispy tortillas, melted cheese, and soft beans give an overall great texture! Recipe here

7. Spicy Tofu Edamame

Sometimes, meat-free weeknight meals are just what our bodies are craving!  The tofu deliciously soaks up the soy and sweet chili sauces and the serrano pepper gives the meal just the right amount of heat.  The best part? This recipe takes minutes to cook — what isn’t to love?! Recipe here

8. Ricotta Toast with Kale and Cherry Tomatoes

This ricotta toast is an easy, quick meal that’s sure to satisfy! This meal is delicious and is a great way to sneak veggies into your breakfast. Recipe here


Lunch or dinner could not get any easier with these 10 minute recipes! If you want more help getting lunch or dinner on the table faster make an appointment with one of our registered dietitians by calling 301-474-2499 or emailing