I really wanted to write a blog about navigating a busy week for a few different reasons:

  1. This question comes up a lot in session with clients. They have a really stressful week coming up and they want to know what they can do to be successful.
  2. I am selfish. This topic is something that I am pretty good at giving advice on, but I am not so great at following up on this myself. So, I am hoping to take what I learn from writing this blog and apply it to my real life! I also think this research will better my advice that I give to my clients 🙂

For me, the busiest weeks are usually when I wind up traveling for the weekend. I find I use the weekend as a time to recharge, and when I am away, this can be difficult (as much fun as it is to travel!). As I thought about ways to navigate a busy week, especially when it comes to food, I found that I could break it down into 4 easy steps, which I am going to share with you!

Step 1: Plan Quick Meals or Cook in Advance

Many times, when I know I have a busy week coming up ahead, I’ll actually cook a few different recipes and freeze them so I can easily take meals out of the freezer to enjoy during my busy week. This does take planning ahead; you really have to know which weeks you’re going to be busy. Luckily, most of us keep calendars on our phones so we can easily look ahead and know when a week is going to be extra crazy. Here are some examples of “cook ahead” and freezable meals.

busy week

Meal prepping and storing in a storage containers can make eating healthy easy during a busy week.

  1. Chili
  2. Veggie burgers or homemade turkey burgers
  3. Muffin tin meatloaf
  4. Pasta sauce, frozen in muffin tins
  5. Soups and stews

Another option for meals is to make super quick meals–30 minutes or less. Here are some ideas:

  1. Grilled chicken panini with premade chicken
  2. Chicken salad made with Greek yogurt and crackers
  3. Frittata with toast and yogurt
  4. English Muffin pizzas
  5. Healthy frozen meals like Amy’s Organic or Evol

Step 2: Schedule Time for Self Care

I find that during hectic weeks my clients lack self care time, which can already be a struggle during less stressful weeks! I recommend to actually schedule time for self care in your calendar. You are more likely to do something if it is actually planned into your schedule. Even if you’re able to do self care for just 10 minutes a day that is great! Here are some examples of self care:

busy week

Practice your favorite form of self-care during a busy week

  1. Read a book
  2. Watch an episode of your fave TV show (mine happens to be Friends 🙂
  3. Go for a walk or do a workout video
  4. Do some deep breathing

Step 3: Leave Yourself Positive Notes

Remember, the craziness will die down sooner or later! Sending yourself positive messages of encouragement is SO helpful when you’re feeling overwhelmed.


Date yourself! Leave yourself love notes during a busy week

Step 4: Plan Time for Eating Out

During crazy weeks, eating out is most likely going to be inevitable. And that’s okay! Take a look at your schedule and plan the days when you will go out to eat. Going to a restaurant can totally be a part of a healthy diet. Take a look at the infographic we created about eating out for important tips to remember. And here are some of my fave places to go out to eat!

  1. Cava
  2. Pizza places (get 1 slice of pizza with a large salad)
  3. Chinese Food– I usually get “steamed chicken” with teriyaki sauce on the side and add in some veggies and rice
  4. Sweet Green (gotta love those salads!)
  5. Chipotle ( Try Getting a Salad base, and then adding the rest of your favorite toppings! Just as delicious, and more veggies!)

Eating out is okay! Try to balance out your carbs with protein and veggies during restaurant trips

Busy weeks are really tough to navigate, so I hope some of these tips are helpful! Your REBEL Dietitian can definitely give you some more information about this topic and help you create a more individualized plan to make food simple again! To make an appointment with one of our nutrition professionals, click here or call 301-474-2499. 

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