Are you constantly exhausted and don’t know why?

Do you wake up tired, even after a full night’s sleep?

Do you feel like you’re dragging yourself through the day?

Are you struggling to figure out why you aren’t functioning your best?

It can be incredibly frustrating to be experiencing fatigue, especially when you don’t know the cause. It actually can be a result of malnutrition, but the exact issue might be hard to pinpoint on your own. It could be a result of anything from nutrient deficiencies to food sensitivities to imbalanced blood sugar. By working with a dietitian, you can find guidance in maintaining energy levels throughout the day by balancing your intake and nourishing your body.

Addressing Fatigue


Blood Glucose Monitoring

A common cause of fatigue is imbalanced blood glucose. Your dietitian can help you learn how consuming carbohydrates can affect your blood glucose, as well as how to maintain healthy levels. Through blood glucose monitoring, you can increase your energy levels and improve your fatigue! We also have some recipes to help keep your blood sugar in check and to help you make quick and easy meals.

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Micronutrient Testing

We have several testing options to help find out what the cause of your fatigue is. First, we have food sensitivity testing that tests 120 foods and 30 chemicals to determine what level of sensitivities you have. Based on these results, your dietitian can help you develop a meal plan. We also offer vitamin and mineral deficiency testing, which is used to determine if you should be taking supplements and, if so, which ones would increase your energy.

Meal Planning

Once your dietitian helps you learn what foods or dietary habits might be causing your fatigue, they can help you make a meal plan to develop better habits that leave you energized. This might include keeping track of carbohydrate intake, supplementing your vitamin or mineral consumption, or limiting foods that you might have a sensitivity to. Whatever you discover your needs are, your dietitian can help you make a plan!

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Have you ever said, “I know what i need to do, I just need to do it” You will be able to communicate with your dietitian with this amazing app Nourishly to help you manage your fatigue. Communication is the key to success and this app allows you to keep food logs, blood sugar levels and photos of your food so your dietitian can help you meet your goals. For more information about the Nourishly app, click here.

We are here for you

Our dietitians are here to take you step by step through everything you need to know about managing your fatigue through the food that you eat. Potentially needing to alter your current habits can feel like a lot, but we can help you make it less overwhelming. We know that everyone is unique, and don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach. By working together, we can come up with a personalized plan to help you feel better and not let food get in the way of what is most important.

Compassionate Care

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Nutrition Care in an inclusive space

Our registered dietitian nutrition experts are here to help you. We provide care for individuals of all sizes, ages, races, ethnicities, genders and those in the LGBTQ community who need support from providers in a compassionate, non-judgmental space.

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