How to Make Healthy Burgers

Burgers. Oh the classic American fare. I love me a good, old fashioned hamburger. But is there such thing as healthy burgers? Of course! Plain old hamburgers can make a perfectly nutritious meal. But I also like to experiment with my burgers…whether it’s by using a leaner meat, sneaking in some vegetables, or using beans as the base!

If you’re looking for a healthy burger recipe, look no further.

Here are a few of our favorite recipes for burgers!

Blended Burgers:

Beef and Mushroom Burger

The mushroom burger. An unusual twist on the classic to pack in nutrients for healthy burgers! Just a slight alteration from the traditional beef burger by incorporating roasted mushrooms. The mushrooms add umami flavor and keep the beef nice and moist. You won’t even know they’re there! You can definitely use this method with ground turkey as well. For more recipes using mushroom and meat, take a look at this blenditarian mushroom blog. .


Photo by Kaitlin Eckstein

Vegetarian burgers:

Black Bean Burger

Black bean burgers are quickly becoming a meatless alternative to the traditional hamburger. They are full of heart healthy fiber and protein! I like to mash half of the beans, and leave the rest intact to give it a nice texture.

healthy recipe

Black Bean Burger (Photo by Kaitlin Eckstein)

Vegan burgers:

Vegan Bean Burger

If you are following a vegan lifestyle, that means no eggs, which happen to be a very common binder in bean burgers. So how can you make a filling and tasty bean burger without the egg?


Aqua what? Aquafaba is the cooking of liquid of beans, or more conveniently, the liquid in the can of beans. Save a few tablespoons of the liquid before rinsing your beans, and throw that right into the mixture for a little more binding power!

What is your favorite way to enjoy a burger? Let us know!


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Updated February 2020

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