What Is The Food Sensitivity Survival Guide?

So you have received your LEAP Food sensitivity test results. But now you may be wondering, “what do I EAT!?” on the LEAP diet.  Learn how to manage your food sensitivities and enjoy food again with our newest book, the LEAP Food Sensitivity Survival Guide.

This tool helps eliminate the stress of meal prepping if you suffer from food sensitivities. This Food Sensitivity Survival Guide provides you with fun recipe infographics followed by recipes for each meal of the day. Furthermore, it allows you to adapt meals to meet your individualized needs and control your unwanted digestive symptoms. 

What Does This Survival Guide Consist Of?

With ideas for meals and snacks, this book provides over 30 infographics to create simple, customizable, and delicious meals using your LEAP results.

Each infographic is accompanied by a recipe guide with step-by-step instructions to help you create personalized meals at home which can be easily adapted to meet your dietary needs. Our mission is to provide clients with the tools to create their own personalized meals!

Food Sensitivity Guide LEAP Diet

How Can This Food Sensitivity Survival Guide Help Me With My LEAP Diet?

Use your MRT test results alongside this guide to food shop, cook and enjoy food without stress. This easy to use book or e-book is structured to contain an infographic with the different components of each meal using the MRT tested foods. With this cookbook, you can easily individualize a wide variety of meals to provide you with days worth of meal inspiration! 

Customization and personalization of meal plans is key. Every person and their body is uniquely different. Luckily, our guide will empower you to adapt your food to meet your nutrition needs.

Food Sensitivity Tacos Leap Diet

If you think that you may be suffering from food sensitivities, contact us for more information about our services and testing. Likewise, you can schedule a free 15-minute phone call with one of our certified LEAP therapists. Our office number is 301-474-2499!

If interested in purchasing the e-book or the hard copy in office, please email admin@rbitzer.com. Similarly, the Survival Guide is now available for purchase on Amazon

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Kathleen Tabb is a registered dietitian based in Maryland. She specializes in digestive conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and has extensive training through her master’s degree in integrative and functional nutrition. She is passionate about looking at her clients holistically to illuminate the root cause of their concerns in order to improve health and quality of life