Enjoy a life without embarrassing digestive symptoms holding you back

Remove Nutrition Confusion

Make Food Choices Easier

Live Confidently

Take the guesswork out of eating and gain control of your digestion

Are you afraid to eat because of stomach pain, bloating, constipation or diarrhea?

Are embarrassing digestive symptoms ruining your personal and professional life?

Digestive issues can be exhausting both physically and emotionally.

Figuring out the root cause and controlling your symptoms is frustrating and difficult.

You deserve better.

Managing your gut health can be much easier with a little help

Remove nutrition confusion

There’s so much nutrition information out there. How do you know what’s right for you? You deserve clear, straight-forward nutrition information.

Make food choices easier

Life’s too short to constantly worry if the food you eat will cause digestive issues. Find food freedom with personalized support from a gut health dietitian. 

Live confidently

Feeling your best is easier with a gut health dietitian on your team. We’ll get to the root of your digestive concerns so you can live a life without anxiety of unpredictable bowel issues. 

Personalized Care to Meet Your Nutrition Needs

gut health dietitian eating a meal

Learn which foods to eat so you don’t trigger symptoms

gut health dietitian reviews test results

Get to the root cause of symptoms with testing

gut health dietitian recommends supplements

Heal your gut with a personalized supplement plan

gut health dietitian family meal time

Plan meals the whole family will enjoy with your safe foods

Work with a gut health dietitian and find relief from:




Food Sensitivities


Acid Reflux/ GERD

Chronic Diarrhea




Celiac Disease

Ostomy Management

Tube Feeding


and much more!

Start your journey to gain control of your digestion with our FREE Download “5 R’s to Gut Health” 

You deserve a life where eating meals and enjoying food is not met with stress and pain.

Struggling with digestive symptoms can negatively impact your quality of life, whether it be socially, nutritionally and/or emotionally.

Our dietitians are skilled at putting together the pieces of your digestive puzzle to help you heal your gut, improve your symptoms and get you feeling better.

Nobody should feel like they have to cut out every food forever! We can help you with a plan to make sure you don’t have to avoid food unnecessarily in order to live pain-free.

Helping clients gain control of their digestion in Maryland and nationwide

Office locations in Montgomery, Howard, Prince George’s, and Anne Arundel Counties

Virtual appointments available

Working with a gut health dietitian is super easy

Get to know you

We know everyone is different.  Your dietitian wants to learn about you and get to the root cause of your ailments, so they can best support you. 

Personalized plan

We don’t believe in “one size fits all.” Work as a team with your digestive dietitian to build a plan so you feel energetic and symptom free. 

Enjoy life again

Gain control of your digestion. Feel comfortable and confident in your food choices and enjoy a symptom-free life.

What our gut health clients are saying…

“I like the professionalism and how punctual Kathleen Tabb is. She answered all my questions and even taught me a few new thing’s I really didn’t know…can’t wait to get started and see my results…thank you!”

“I worked with Dana McGee following a recommendation made by my GI Doc, Dr. Sean Karp, MD. Dana worked with me in a non-judgmental way to help me address my IBS through both over the counter aids such as GI Endcaps and Digestive Enzymes as well as using a Low FODMAP diet. I found Dana to be knowledgeable, personable and thorough in her approach. She was always able to answer questions, make recommendations or supply links to websites with recipes or other information. I highly recommend Dana to anyone seeking professional dietary assistance in addressing IBS or other digestive illnesses. Thank you, Dana!”

“The provider was helpful, comfortable with the process, and took a good history. She made some good suggestions and answered a couple questions for me. Overall, a good experience.”

“Kathleen was terrific; knowledgeable, intuitive and to the point. She provided us with a practical eating plan for our son . Money very well spent”

“Dana guided me through the food elimination process, which led to my realization that I am gluten- and soy-intolerant. Now that I’ve rid my diet of those foods, I feel so much better. In fact, I’ve been able to halve my stomach acid medication and I no longer need allergy medication at all! I’m so glad that I made the leap to get help for my food issues!”

“Caroline went out of her way to provide me with additional recipes twice, after our meeting.”

Meet Our Gut Health Dietitians

Kathleen Tabb dietitian headshot
Dana Magee eating disorder dietitian headshot
Caroline Prieskorn Round Headshot
Caroline Prieskorn Round Headshot

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