Weight Concerns

How We Can Help with Weight Concerns

Is your doctor concerned about your weight ? Have you yo-yo dieted in the past? Are you looking for freedom from weight concerns?

Take a look at our new section for chronic dieters to help you find a better way.



How to balance your meals to feel satisfied and energized during the day
Improve the nutrient quality of your meals while incorporating the foods you love
An improvement of your food choices and eating habits


Personalize your nutrition plan to help you reach your healthy weight
Create a positive self-care regimen including improving your sleep and activity levels


Find and maintain your body’s natural, healthy weight
Effectively and compassionately end emotional eating and/or binge eating
Increase your energy levels and reduce cravings

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Happy Clients

“My patients are delighted with the weight they’ve lost and I am pleased with their improvement in diabetic and lipid control.”
Carolyn Hammett, MD
“After years of yo-yo dieting and stomach issues, I finally made the decision to get help for my strained relationship with food. As soon as my first appointment with Dana Magee, I knew that I was in the right place. She helped me to rid myself of all of those dieting “dos” and “don’ts” related to food and replace them with a healthy and satisfying meal options.”

“My sessions with Shelley have been truly helpful and I am so glad I had the experience. I have learned so much about myself and my relationship with food.  I have lost 15 lbs over the months and kept it off.   With Shelley’s guidance and the knowledge I learned I see myself as a much healthier person.”

“Kaitlin was laid back and understood my concerns and my food choices. I love the fact you do not push dieting just healthy eating through my choices…yippee!!! Thank you!!!”
“During this journey Shelley was a great supporter and coach, I was able to lose 10% of my body weight that I have managed to keep off to this day.”
“Everything went great with Klara. I left feeling confident that we had a plan that I could stick with.  She made me feel comfortable and not ashamed of my “bad” eating habits.  I definitely will continue to follow through and correct my bad eating habits.”

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